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How to Apply Foundation Using a Foundation Brush

You may have such questions as How to Clean Makeup Brushes and How Do You Wash Make-up Brushes,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Apply Liquid Foundation With A Brush. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Hair Brush,too. Read more as following:

To apply foundation, using a foundation brush, you need to use sweeping motions across the entire face. When I use a foundation brush, I apply it in sections and each time I do a section, I will put more foundation on the brush. This way, I get an even amount on my face. I will then brush a little onto my neck so I don’t have lines on my face.

How to clean makeup brushes?

1. Run the bristles of the makeup brush under warm running water. 2. Apply a small amount of shampoo to bristles and work into a light lather. 3. Rinse bristles thoroughly under running water. You will notice that the water leaving the brush is tinte... More »

How do you wash make up brushes?

Are the brushes Sable or Nylon? Sable- 1.Mix lukewarm water with a drop of your chosen cleanser and swish it. Swish your brush through the foamy water and then dump the water out. Keep making a new mix and swishing the brush through it until the wate... More »

How to apply liquid foundation with a brush?

1. Moisturize your entire face. The only way liquid foundation with smoothly be applied with a brush is over well moisturized skin. 2. Dip the cotton squab into the liquid foundation container. With the cotton squab place a dot of liquid foundation o... More »

How to apply mineral foundation to makeup brush?

Video Transcript. We're going to start with our kabuki brush, this is a brush you will want to use to apply a mineral foundation. A brush like this usually has more dense bristles than say a powder brush which is a brush like this. So, it is going to... More »

How to apply powder foundation with a foundation brush?

Video Transcript. The next finish I'm going to show you is applying a powder foundation with a foundation brush. So, this will be more of a moderate-to-full coverage. It's not quite as full as you get with a sponge, but it's a little bit fuller than... More »

How to Apply Foundation?

Applying makeup foundation is easier to do than most people think. Moisturize your skin first and apply a primer. I apply my foundation with a brush instead of a sponge because it covers better and more even.... More »


  1. Muhammad Hamza Sani Reply:

    I have a large Elizabeth Arden foundation brush. I’m just wondering how often I should wash it and with what? I don’t want to ruin it.

  2. Sierra S Reply:

    I have always used my fingers for putting on my foundation, but now everyone seems to use foundation brushes instead. If you use one does it really provide better coverage or is the coverage too light? what are the pros and cons of each? thank you.

  3. Nila Reply:

    When I apply the foundation with a foundation brush (I use essence of beauty) it looks streaky but after I apply pressed powder, it fixes it?
    well then what would I use? Fingers aren’t remccomended because of the bacteria on youe fingers but then a sponge absorbs too much of the foundation?

  4. Emily Reply:

    My mom got me a foundation brush for Christmas and I never wear foundation since I’m acne prone and only 15. Can I use the foundation brush to apply anything else, or to blend? I already have a powder and eyeshadow brush so applying powder with it would be stupid

  5. Wolf Girl Reply:

    I have dry skin, on my cheeks and forehead. I use a moisturiser before applying any make up but it doesn’t help.

    I use a foundation brush too but that just seems to show my dry skin as flaky

    What can I do?

  6. Ice Reply:

    I apply mine with a foundation brush and get it off with make up remover wipes and then wash my face with facewash, but what is the best way to take it off?
    Thanks :)

  7. Joleigh Reply:

    I use Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse foundation, and I have hair on my face. It’s blonde though. Whenever I apply any foundation, it looks cakey because of the hair. I also use a foundation brush. What do I do? I don’t want to shave it!

  8. Chestnutthoroughbred Reply:

    I want my foundation to look smooth. I am 13 and I have dry, red skin. I use maxfactor second skin and use a foundation brush. I used to use a primer but it just made my skin go so dry.
    Any tips for me applying foundation for my skin type? Thanks xx

  9. Juliette Reply:

    I want my foundation to look smooth. I am 13 and I have dry, red skin. I use maxfactor second skin and use a foundation brush. I used to use a primer but it just made my skin go so dry.
    Any tips for me applying foundation for my skin type? Thanks xx

  10. Theresa C Reply:

    I usually just use my fingers, but I hear more and more about using foundation brushes. When I purchase brushes, I purchase high quality, so is it worth my investment?

  11. Keairra Reply:

    I often hear about how it’s a great idea to apply liquid foundation with a damp sponge, but never about how it might be wise to use a damp makeup brush. Since using a foundation brush is my preferred method of application, should I dampen it first or is it fine to leave it dry? Thanks!

  12. Kris Reply:

    Whats the difference in applying with a foundation brush, a stippling brush, a sponge, fingers or a kabuki brush ectt?

  13. Jun Reply:

    I have never tried applying foundation with a brush and was wondering would it be better if i did. And if yes what brush is good?

  14. Alphaphibubbles Reply:

    so, i have a foundation brush and i use it to apply and blend my foundation. could i use the same foundation brush to apply and blend in my concealer too?

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