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How to Bring Out Green Eyes

You may have such questions as How Can I Make My Green Eyes Stand Out and What Hair Color Goes with Green Eyes,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Hair Color Brings Out Green Eyes. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Make up Tips for Green Eyes,too. Read more as following:

There are many ways to bring out green eyes. One way is by using a purple shade of eyeliner. Another way is by using green colored mascara. Both of the tools will bring attention to your eyes.

How can I make my green eyes stand out?

Try using more neutral shades of eyeshadows like pinks and browns and brown eyeliners and mascaras. If you want your eyes to be the focus you need to make sure your makeup doesn't distract. Trust me, I have blue eyes so I love to make them the focus... More »

What hair color goes with green eyes?

Um...any. I have red hair, and bright green eyes. My friend has blonde hair with greenish eyes, another friend has green/blue eyes and dark brown hair.... More »

What Hair Color Brings Out Green Eyes?

Redheads it seems brings out green eyes for a great contrasting color. Actually brunettes and blonds also complement green eyes as well. There are different shades to all three colors that will bring out the different hues in green eyes. To find more... More »

Are green eyes rare?

Women who use a diaphragm as their primary method of birth control are also particular...... More »

How to bring out green eyes?

1. Choose at least two complementary eye-shadow colors. Purple and brown are two colors that work well together and bring out green eyes. Match any additional color to the two primary colors. 2. Apply the lighter shade to the entire eyelid as a base... More »

What percentage of people have green eyes?

I've read that about 2% of the world's population has green eyes, with Hungarian people having the highest frequency at 20%.... More »


  1. S Barmen Reply:

    I have green eyes and dirty blonde hair but I’m thinking of dying it lighter. I have ivory skin and a warm complexion. What shade of blonde should I dye my hair?

  2. Tori Reply:

    I have had blonde, brown, redish, and dark brown hair.
    I like all of them. Haha.
    But what hair color do you think would bring out my bright green eyes the most?

  3. Jessica-laine Reply:

    I have dark dark brown hair (almost black), green eyes, and olive skin. How can I make my green eyes stand out?

  4. Sal M. Reply:

    I have very striking dark green eyes, But I find that some eyeshadows make them not appear as striking as they really are.
    If I wear black eyeshadow I usually find that brings out my eyes but I want a change, any ideas?

  5. Inquiringmind Reply:

    I have hazel eyes, but they are more green then brown, and I was wondering what make-up/clothes colors bring out the green in eyes.

  6. Dewdrop Reply:

    I keep reading that I should wear green eye shadow to bring out my green eyes. How do I apply that without looking like a hooker?

  7. Howler Reply:

    I currently have a neutral black eyeliner,
    but recently I heard that specific coloured eyeliners bring out specific coloured eyes.

    I have olive-green eyes and would like to know what eyeliner (or eyeshadow) colour would bring out my eyes.

  8. Ms. H Reply:

    i am mixed (half italian half black) and i have bright green eyes. what makeup colors and products work best for bringing out green eyes. ive always just used black liquid liner on my top lash line and black mascara.

  9. Cyril Jed Reply:

    I have green eyes and i would like to find a eye shadow color that brings out the green of my eyes. I use to wear black eye shadow but i want something that isn’t dark i don’t think dark makeup looks good on me.

  10. Eli Reply:

    What colors of makeup would be best to bring out my eyes? I have green eyes and pale skin. But I dont want to glob it all on, I want it to be more natural looking.

  11. Turtle Reply:

    I have light green eyes, and sometimes it looks like they change to blue. What make up, or tips can you give me to bring out my green eyes?

    Thank you :)

  12. Kosi J Reply:

    Currently my hair is black w/ blonde in it but im thinking about changing my hair color i want to know what hair colors that bring out green eyes and suggestions? :]

  13. Olivia Reply:

    With make up…. Just need some tips on makeup to bring out my green eyes. Thankx in advance :))

  14. The Lesser Child Reply:

    I have dark green eyes and generally don’t wear navy blue, but my sister-in-law is getting married and has asked that all the women in the family wear dark blue evening gowns. How can I bring out my green eyes?

  15. Molly Reply:

    i have medium brown color hair but i was thinking if i got my hair dyed dark brown and got some high lights it would bring out my green eyes more.
    what do you think?

    thanks :)
    also i have light creamy skin.

  16. Stephen Reply:

    i want a hair color that would bring out my green eyes. i also have fair skin. and im a natural blonde.

  17. Daveatron Reply:

    (color,etc)What kind of mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow would bring out green eyes?


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