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How to Get Longer Eye Lashes

You may have such questions as How To Make Eye Lashes Longer and How Do You Get Longer Eye Lashes,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Makes Your Eye Lashes Longer. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Eyelash Regrowth,too. Read more as following:

In order to get longer eye lashes, you have to get an eyelash extension which could be achieved when you go to a salon or you could do it yourself by buying a kit for eye lash extension.

How to make eye lashes longer?

1. Purchase a set of false eyelashes. You can buy them in strips or individual pieces. The strips can also be cut off into smaller pieces if you so choose. Some people find that the individual pieces look more realistic than the longer strips. 2. Cle... More »

How do you get longer eye lashes?

buy mascara ? Hello. I know of a product that does wonders on your lashes. This solution will grow your eyelashes in short amount of time. Here is the site There is also a Facebook page you can join. ... More »

What makes your eye lashes longer?

From our video partners Vision Health A step-by-step "how-to" instruction. Lengthing Mascara (Some good ones are Lash Stilletto - Maybelline and Glam Eyes - Rimmel) and before you put on macara put on primer, which gives mascara more legnth to hold o... More »

How to get longer lashes?

1. Curl your eyelashes firmly with an eyelash curler, holding the curler to the base of your upper lashes and squeezing for a few seconds. Be careful not to squeeze too tight as this may pull out one or more lashes. 2. Remove the wand from your masca... More »

How to grow longer lashes?

1. Apply a small amount of olive oil or Vaseline to your lashes before bed. Alternately, you may use a mixture of half Castor oil and half glycerin. Use your fingers or a clean, unused mascara wand to apply the natural lubricant. Keep it on overnight... More »

How to create longer lashes?

1. . jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery('#jsArticleStep1 span.image a:first').attr('href','... More »


  1. Propilot Reply:

    I want fuller, longer eye lashes…any ideas?

  2. Xxa0exx Reply:

    I want longer eye lashes so that i dont need to wear mascara… but i dont want to buy any of those eyelash enhancer things.. any tips on how i could do this?

  3. Jim Reply:

    it is said that if u apply castor oil at night. your eye lashes will grow longer. is it true?
    if not, what should i apply to get long eye lashes. because i have small eye lashes.

    it’s also been that olive / almond oil too?

    what should i apply?

    please help?

  4. Morgan Reply:

    I want longer eye lashes but i cant decide what product to use i need one that isn’t that expensive but works.

  5. Meowmeowmeow Reply:

    I have very long eye lashes and they look thick already but I want to know how to get that model thick eye lashes WITHOUT USING FAKE EYE LASHES. help ?

  6. Runnergurl Reply:

    I have very long eye lashes and they are very noticeable and it terrifies me to think that they might turn gray soon, PLEASE, HELP ME!!!

    I’m male btw.

  7. Moniquev Reply:

    I want long eye lashes without the use of mascara, any tips?

  8. Nancy Reply:

    I heard girls think dudes with long eye lashes are cute. people tell me they are long, but they don’t curl. =/, But is there something I can do to know if I do? I’m just curious.

  9. Jamie Reply:

    I really want long eye lashes and I don’t want to use Vaseline.

  10. Theresa C Reply:

    I already have really long eye lashes so when I wear mascara my lashes tend to look fake and I don’t like that. Is there a brand that makes your lashes darker and fuller looking without making them too long?

  11. Iwurwrtoref Reply:

    I have long eye lashes but they’re thin. I don’t want to put fake ones on everyday. Does anyone know any great plumping secrets or of reliable mascara that actually makes lashes look fuller?

  12. Terri S Reply:

    Im a guy and i have long eye lashes and someone told me I look like im gay or something? Im not gay lol anyways they are long narrow black and sometimes look like they have mascara on….lol

  13. Lakeland Reply:

    Im a guy and i have long eye lashes and someone told me I look like im gay or something? Im not gay lol anyways they are long narrow black and sometimes look like they have mascara on….lol

  14. Julie Liu Reply:

    Im a guy with long eye lashes, theyre annoying at times but many girls told me that they look beautiful. so i want to get to know your opinions

    its funny how i got suggested to put this in the makeup section LOL.
    Lauren, life is unfair haha.

  15. Uuuu Reply:

    my friend’s friend told her dat she used to have realy long eye lashes and then she started to wear mascara and they became shorter. is that true?

  16. Alexandra Reply:

    I already have long eye lashes so I don’t want anything lengthening but it seems like all the mascara I use just clumps my eye lashes together and I hate it. Help please :)

  17. Kaylynn_cullen Reply:

    I naturally have long eye lashes, but what is the best mascara to make them super long, without clumping?

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