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How to Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

You may have such questions as How To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger and How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger Using Paint,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Make Eyes Look Bigger. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Tips to Make a Big Nose Look Smaller,too. Read more as following:

You can make small eyes look bigger by the use of make up. By using items such as volume mascara and liquid eyeliner, the eyes will appear to be larger and fuller.

How to make small eyes look bigger?

1. First put on your foundation and concealer of choice. Then dust a good amount of baby powder under your eye. This will keep any eye shadow that falls from sticking to your fresh face make up. 2. Second you will put your eye shadow primer all over... More »

How to make a small room look bigger using paint?

1. Choose your paint colors carefully. Certain colors are known to make your room look bigger. For example, cream colors and icy blues are bright and reflective and create an illusion that makes your room look bigger and brighter. Stay away from dark... More »

How to Make Eyes Look Bigger?

We women as a whole would love to have our eyes look bigger. The best way to make them look bigger is to apply the correct make-up in the correct way. It's all about how you shadow the eyes. For more information, look here: ... More »

How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

With a few steps it is possible to make a small room look bigger.... More »

How do I Make my Eyes Look Bigger?

How do I make my eyes look bigger?Put eyeliner all over your eye and put a long line outward of your eye.Comb your hair in a ponytail and it will seem your eyes look bigger.Put some black eyeshadow on top lid of eyes for bigger eyes.... More »

How to make a small bedroom look bigger?

1. Choose a paint color and design scheme for the room. Bright, light colors work well for visually opening the room and creating the illusion of space in a small bedroom. Color groups that use complementary colors, such as yellow, blue and white, ma... More »


  1. Cameron Reply:

    How should I apply my make-up to make my eyes look bigger because I have small eyes. I’ve tried alot of things but nothing seemed to work. Any pictures or ideas?

  2. Karla Reply:

    I have small eyes that dont stand out! i need something to make it look bigger.

  3. Hacly Reply:

    I have small, green eyes and want to make them look big and bright but natural. Any tips?

  4. Shantae334 Reply:

    I have very small eyes and would like them to look bigger, does anyone have any make up tips i could use?

  5. Mirandaallison77 Reply:

    I have small eyes. I want them to look bigger and fuller. Theyre green. Any ideas on what I can do?

  6. Max Reply:

    I’m Asian, so my eyes are pretty small. How can I make my eyes look bigger? (I’m only allowed to use mascara and have no access to an eyelash curler.) Also, eye surgery is out of the question it’s a little extreme


  7. Andres Reply:

    I have really small eyes, and I’ve been trying different stuff to make them look bigger, but nothing is working. Any ideas?

  8. Bailey Reply:

    What’s some good makeup up tips that look natural but at the same time makes my small eyes look bigger

    Can i use fake eyelashes to make them look bigger
    I really don’t know.. I need help.

  9. Tay Reply:

    I have single eyelids and whenever I apply eyeliner on my top lid, it will not be seen. I have dark brown eyes, which are rather small. How do I make my eyes look bigger using only eyeliner? ( or maybe even a touch of mascara ? )

  10. Xxsnakegirlxx Reply:

    i have really small eyes and i want to make them look bigger. what kind of makeup should i wear and not wear? does a certain color make your eyes look bigger?

  11. In The Clouds Reply:

    Im 13 yrs old and i want to make my small eyes look bigger. I usually do thin eyeliner on my top lid and on my bottom lashes but idk if that even works!? Does anyone have and other ideas??

  12. Tiffannie Reply:

    I have very small hazel eyes and it drives me crazy, can anyone give me some tips on how to make them look bigger?

  13. Nerdy Hipster Reply:

    I have the most small eyes ever, and was wondering how to make them look bigger (and glasses aren’t gonna do anything)

  14. Adultery Elk Reply:

    How do i make My small grayish blue eyes Pop, And look bigger?

  15. Brooks Reply:

    What should I do with my eye liner (Pencil, I dont like liquid) to make my small eyes look bigger? Also, how should i use my mascara to make my eyes look bigger? Thanks so much! Anything really! Eyeshadow, etc.

  16. Margaret W Reply:

    How do i make small eyes look bigger with only mascara and a eyelash curler?

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