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How to Make Your Eyeliner Last

You may have such questions as How To Make Eyeliner Last and How To Make Eyeliner Last Longer Not Run,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Make Eyeliner Last All Day. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Best Way to Apply Eyeliner,too. Read more as following:

You can make your eyeliner last by putting eye primer before lining your eyes. A good and inexpensive eyeliner is the ELF eyeliner, which is comparable to other high end products.

How to make eyeliner last?

1. Begin always with clean eyelids. Oil and grime are not conducive to helping eye makeup last longer, and in fact lead to creasing and smudging. Apply foundation not only on your face when you do your makeup, but on eyelids and around eye area as we... More »

How to make eyeliner last longer & not run?

1. Prepare your eyelids for eyeliner application by cleaning them. Apply a dry tissue to each eyelid. Use light pressure to remove any oils that could keep cosmetics from adhering to your skin. 2. Apply concealer to the skin of the eyelids, leaving a... More »

How to make eyeliner last all day?

1. Apply foundation as usual and ensure that skin is clean and dry. Oil can interfere with the staying power of makeup. 2. Sharpen eyeliner and hold about 1/2" above flame of cigarette lighter just until it begins to liquify. Do not burn the eyeliner... More »

What is the best long lasting eyeliner?

The best, long lasting eyeliner that I have ever used it L'Oreal Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner. You can put it on quickly and easily, and it's very soft around the eyes yet intense in color. ... More »

What makes eyeliner last longer?

It depends on how you apply it.Dont go in a straight line dab along your eye.... More »

What is the longest lasting eyeliner?

MAC Fluidline has amazing staying power as does L'Oreal Contour Resist Long Last...... More »


  1. Ii Reply:

    I normally wear eyeliner, mascara, a little foundation and lip gloss. But after 3 minutes my lip gloss is gone, my eyeliner lasts all day but my mascara goes after about 2 hours. My foundation rubs off very quickly as well. How can I make it last longer?
    Thanks :) x

  2. Rachelle Reply:

    My eyeliner lasts about 2 hours before it’s all over! I used to use liquid eyeliner, but I’ve come to hate it. What retractable pencil/crayon eye liner do you recomend to stay on and not smudge? Also are there any tricks I should know for keeping eyeliner on longer smudge free?

  3. Muhd Imran Reply:

    It’s really annoying my eyeliner only lasts about an hour and then I have to keep reapplying. I’d love to just be ably to put it on in the morning and then leave it all day. Can someone help?

  4. Dsfsdf Reply:

    Eyeliners normally last around 3-4 hours on me. I have tried loads of drug store brands like maybelline, revlon,rimmel,loreal etc and I have also tried the urban decay 24/7 one. None of these lasted.
    I really don’t like using gel or liquid liners cos its sooo much quicker and easier to use pencil

  5. Ilikeit Reply:

    I have Avon waterproof eyeliner & it sucks I was wondering if anyone could give me information on how to get my eyeliner to last all day!

  6. Charles Reply:

    I wanna know which brand of waterproof mascara and eyeliner last longest and goes on best. for example… if i was gonna go to the pool with the guys, i wanna look great.

  7. Akshay N Reply:

    okay so i got this new eyeliner last week and everytime i put it on, it smears all up onto my eyelids. and then it gets all in my eyeshadow and looks stupid. anybody know how to fix it?

  8. Os Reply:

    I bought the Make Up Academy Professional Extreme Felt Liner in Black I was wondering how long does this pen last , or if you havnt got that pen how long does your eyeliner pen last?

  9. I Dont Want To Dance.sincerely Gavin Reply:

    I wear black eyeliner on my bottom eyelid & underneath my lash line (not the top lid!)
    After like, three hours my eyeliner is smudged to the edge & beneath my eye. How do I make my eyeliner last longer? (I’m not changing eyeliners)

  10. Student Reply:

    I recently bought 3 Lorac front of the line Pro eyeliner, because it was on sale for only 10 bucks. but now im kind of worry it will dry out if i dont use them. anyone know how long those eyeliner will last. from your own experience.

  11. Hhyy Reply:

    I feel like mine doesn’t last but a month or two. lol. I don’t use alot, but I do use it every day top and bottom. I use automatic eyeliner and a teeny bit of liquid on top of that. but anywhoo how long does you eyeliner last and what do you use?

  12. Milly500 Reply:

    because some b**** stole my white eyeliner last week in my purse & now i don’t have one, except for white eyeshadow..will it work as a white eyeliner?

  13. Yanty Reply:

    I have pretty watery eyes and so my eyeliner always smudges and like drags down haha. So I was thinking, does waterproof eyeliner last longer, so that my watery eyes won’t wreck it? :)

  14. Farrah Reply:

    because some b**** stole my white eyeliner last week in my purse & now i don’t have one, except for white eyeshadow..will it work as a white eyeliner?

  15. Britney Loslem Reply:

    Hey, I’m going back to middle school in the fall and I like to wear my eyeliner on the very top of my bottom lid. My eyes water alot though so my eyeliner only lasts like 3 hours tops. I don’t want to change the way i wear it. Any help on how to keep it on all day WITHOUT RE- APPLYING IT?

  16. Kyrsten Reply:

    I use a pencil eyeliner and I use concealer as a primer, it still doesn’t last. how to make eyeliner last longer?

  17. Bj J Reply:

    I use Mac engraved eyeliner pencil and I have urban decay primer potion. How do i apply the primer to make my eyeliner last (longer)?
    SORRY ABOUT TYPOS< I WASN’T THINKING! What about on the bottom lid O.o?

  18. Blummdum Ii Reply:

    I like to wear eyeliner on special ocasion but it doesn’t last long before it starts smudging or fading. How can I make my eyeliner last longer?

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