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How to Thin Nail Polish

You may have such questions as How Do I Make Nail Polish Thinner and How to Make Your Own Nail Polish,or you may also seek several helpful information about How to Fix Sticky Nail Polish. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Thickened Nail Polish,too. Read more as following:

You can easily thin nail polish with a little acetone or nail polish remover. Pour a very small amount into the nail polish bottle, then rub it between your hands slowly to mix it well. If you need to, you can add a little more of the thinner.

How do i make nail polish thinner?

If u have a beauty supply store like sally's or something near by they carry a liquid nail polish thinner. You put a few drops in teh bottle and it thins out like the day u bought it. I use it a lot. Just go to a professional beauty supply store or a... More »

How to make your own nail polish?

1. Fold your index card into a funnel shape. Size the funnel so that the small end of the funnel will fit inside your open clear nail polish bottle. 2. Pour mica powder of your color preference into the top of your funnel so that it pours into your b... More »

How to fix sticky nail polish?

1. Remove the cap from the bottle of sticky nail polish. If polish has hardened around the inside of the cap, making it hard to open the bottle, run some hot water over it and then try to open it again. 2. Add two or three drops of nail polish thinne... More »

How to thin nail polish?

1. Turn the bottle upside down to blend pigments back together. Repeat 2 or 3 times. 2. Gently roll the nail polish bottle between the palms of your hands when you are ready for your manicure. The warmth from your hands will create a thinner consiste... More »

How to keep nail polish thin?

1. Put four or five drops of nail polish thinner in the bottle when the polish becomes too thick to apply evenly. Nail polish remover will not work for this purpose. There should be a nice, small drop of nail polish on the end of the brush when it is... More »

How to make thin nail polish?

1. Close the top of your nail polish bottle and shake, turning the bottle upside down and distributing the liquid throughout. Roll the bottle between your palms to warm up the polish, which will help it glide onto your nails much easier. 2. If the po... More »


  1. Kristy Reply:

    my favourite nail polish is really thick and never dries, and i dont have nail polish thinner, and dont know where to get any.. so is there anything i can use instead?

  2. Lolli Reply:

    I have this nail polish called twilight. It was working really nicely until it got thinner, when I put it on, it sinks down to my cuticles and the whole thing is thin. Ok, please don’t tell me to shake it or add more coats because that won’t work…. any remades?

  3. Lol Haha Reply:

    I like doing fun little patterns and it is one of my pastimes. I have thin nail polish brushes to get little designs on it and i re do them every day. are there any side effects to that?

  4. Ashwin Reply:

    I want to put flowers and stuff on my nails, but i don’t have those really thin brushes for nail polish and i don’t have any stencils. Any ideas?

  5. Art Reply:

    I have many bottles of nail polish that have become too thick to use. There must be some kind of additive that can be added to thin it out & it won’t affect the usefulness of the polish. If you know of something, please let me know. Thanks

  6. Esmeralda Flores Reply:

    I put on 2 thin coats of nail polish and then a top coat. The color is Revlon and the top coat is Sally Hansen. I let it dry for at least 5 minutes, sometimes even 10! But it never seems to dry! Any tips for how to dry each coat faster/how long to dry each coat? Thank you!

  7. Brie Massacre Reply:

    Regardless the brand, is getting thick after I use it 3-4 times. I tried to get it thinner using nail polish remover but the colour is not the same afterwards and is no longer as glossy as it used to be.

  8. Scooter Reply:

    Can I use normal paint thinner to thin my polish instead of purchasing nail polish thinner? Or do people specifically make nail polish thinner because the chemicals arent as harsh or something?

  9. Hushed Sound Reply:

    i want to thin my nail polish with out nail polish thinner how is that possible? what can i do?

  10. Robert Gifford Reply:

    I’ve heard of it, but never found out how, but do any of you know how to thin nail polish out? It’s black if that makes any difference. I’ve heard of putting remover in it, would that hurt it?

  11. Faina Reply:

    I have a bottle of white nail polish from a nail manicure set and I draw patterns over a solid color on my nail sometimes, but I would really like to find other colors to play with. Does anybody know where I can locate more? Which brands sell thin-brush nail polish?

  12. Dewdrop Reply:

    I need thin brush nail polishes so i can do designs on my nails but i need the specific name. Preferably sold at wal-mart?

  13. Keegan Reply:

    I live in Canada and I want to know where I can buy thin Nail Polish brushes. But I don’t want to order them online I would like to go to the store and buy them. PLEASE HELP!

  14. Shaina Reply:

    How do you make thin nail polish thicker and more goopy? I want to use regular nail polish for nail stamping art, but it’s too thin. What would speed up the process of it getting all thick and goopy?


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