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How was Mac Cosmetics Started

You may have such questions as What Does Mac Cosmetics Stand for and Who Owns Mac Cosmetics,or you may also seek several helpful information about Where Can I Buy Mac Cosmetics. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Mac Cosmetics Wholesale,too. Read more as following:

MAC Cosmetics was started in 1984 by a Canadian named Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo. Taskan was a make-up artist/photographer and Angelo was salon owner. They felt that the industry needed better make-up products for the photo shoots.

What Does MAC Cosmetics Stand For?

However; beyond that, MAC Cosmetics as a company and it's policies stands for much more then just those things. For instance, not too long after the actual company was launched, its two partners created The MAC AIDS fund that to date has raised and d... More »

Who Owns Mac Cosmetics?

Make-up Art Cosmetics, popularly known as MAC Cosmetics, is owned by Estee Lauder Companies who acquired the former in 1994 and completed the acquisition in 1998.... More »

Where can I Buy Mac Cosmetics?

MAC cosmetics can be purchased at MAC stores or at Nordstrom. Some Macy's stores carry the brand as well. Nordstrom also carries the brand online.... More »

How to apply mac cosmetics?

1. Find the correction shade of foundation that matches your skin color. The very basics of makeup begin with foundation. MAC foundations are highly acclaimed and they have a variety to choose from based on skin tone and type from oily to dry skin (s... More »

How do I Start my Own Cosmetics Line?

To start your own cosmetics line, you will need the proper supplies and ingredient to create your own line of makeup. Build up a good reputation by sampling your product to the public and receiving approval! Apply for a business loan for a good start... More »

How to join mac pro cosmetics?

1. ~ Gather two forms of professional documentation ~ MAC cosmetics pro membership is only available to professional artists or students in beauty school. You will have to provide documentation of one or the other. In the professional artists categor... More »


  1. Aaron S Reply:

    Currently I don’t have any makeup, I want to start wearing some for a natural look, what should I get?
    BTW: I want to wear MAC Cosmetics.

  2. Samuel Johnstone Reply:

    i want to start a whole new makeup collection and wanted to know what MAC cosmetics are an absolute neccessity to purchase to have a solid good quality collection .

    essentials people! and maybe the few extra lovely things on the side with it too 😉

  3. Jarrred Reply:

    I have tons of makeup from the drugstores and i want to start with mac cosmetics! I was wondeirng what is the best thing to get first? Thanks so much!

  4. Darach Reply:

    I want to try doing this. I’m a bit of a makeup guru, but I don’t know where to start. I want to try the mac cosmetics mineralize kit, and there’s a site, but I’m not sure if its a fraud.

  5. Yourfaith Reply:

    Does it have to do anything with the founders of MAC, Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo?

  6. Cool245 Reply:

    I’m wanting to try Mac Cosmetics, which product would be the best for combination skin? Care to list any of your favorite products from them?

  7. Gaz Reply:

    I am buying some more products from MAC cosmetics and I am having trouble on deciding which ones I should buy. Which are your favorites and why?

  8. Cloudtailxx Reply:

    MAC started out as a Canadian company, but for some reason the “In The Groove” collection is not available here, but it is available in the UK.
    So where do the collections come out first? Is MAC no longer based in Canada?

  9. Nagaraju Reply:

    I applied to Mac Cosmetics but that’s not working out right now. What’s another way to get started in this career?

  10. Aaron S Reply:

    I have heard a lot of positive feedback about MAC cosmetics and their products, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it at my local drug stores or stores. Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention? If you guys use this do you order it online or where do you get it? Thanks.

  11. Tgomez Reply:

    Im not really a makeup person but recently started using Mac Cosmetics Products. I purchased the studio fix fluid SPF 15 foundation in color NW35. But this color is about a shade too light. Can someone who uses mac products please help me!

  12. Shawn Freshwater Fish Reply:

    Wondering how to start a store? Is this a franchise? Would want it to be just Mac Cosmetics I’ve seen them in some malls recently

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