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Where can I Buy Shiseido Products

You may have such questions as How To Compare Shiseido Skin Care Products and Which Is Better Chanel Or Shiseido Products,or you may also seek several helpful information about Which Is Better Obagi Or Shiseido Products. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to health,too. Read more as following:

When I was a little girl my mom wore Shiseido products. Gosh that brings back memories. We always bought her favorite fragrance at Macy’s right before Christmas. Check out any of your major department stores.

How to compare shiseido skin care products?

Two of Shiseido's skincare packages belong to the "Age-targeting" category. As the category indicates, these lines--Bio-Performance and Benifiance--treat common signs of aging skin, such as wrinkles and discoloration. White Lucent belongs to Shiseido... More »

Which is better, chanel or shiseido products?

You should go to a department store and ask the people at the counter. They know what's best for your skin type and which products you should use.... More »

Which is better obagi or shiseido products?

From what i heard about obagi prods, they're prescription esp for skin damage (e.g. sun-damage). One of my aunts uses them. Unless you have such concerns, I would just use "regular" non-prescription lines like shiseido (as u mentioned), clinique (in... More »

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  1. Haider Reply:

    please make sure to include the brand and product(s) you would get or if you already have and LOVE it!
    Thank you!

  2. Memo Reply:

    All I can find online is the #2 soft black (greyish) which I don’t want. I have looked online for a few days and I can’t find any sites that sell it in #1 black. Some comments on the Sephora site suggest they don’t sell it in the US.

  3. Curlyqsbabe Reply:

    Hi , I am looking for Elizabeth Arden and Shiseido cosmetics distributors in Bangalore or in any parts of India. This is for my new cosmetics retail store.

  4. Jessielynn Smith Reply:

    I’ve always thought pale skin was so beautiful.
    I’m just wondering what are some SAFE ways to get pale skin? Can I buy them at my local drug store or Wal-Mart? And would wearing sunscreen 24/7 help? If so how strong should it be?


  5. Amie Reply:

    And what brand foundation do you use?

    I’ve been using Olay total effs (7 in 1 anti-aging) daily moisturizer and Shiseido’s oil free powder foundation.

    What products do you use for your face every day?

  6. Bri Reply:

    I’ve been buying department store stuff like Chanel, MAC, Clinique & Shiseido for a long time & I don’t have money to be spending on it right now, plus my skin is changing color a lot cuz of summer so I want something cheap. =)

    Help me please!!!!
    10 VERY easy points!

  7. Adultery Elk Reply:

    I want to buy the Shiseido Beneficiace Wrinkle Resistant 24 Night Emulsion. I live in Yokosuka. Thanks

  8. Tlb2805 Reply:

    Something that i can buy in Australia.
    I want something to give my hair some thickness cos it is very fine. And to make it shiny. Thanks for your answers.

  9. Jill Reply:

    Buying skin care products for my grandparents, who are in their 80’s.
    Please recommend me a good line of skin care products for me, moisturizer, cleanser, anti-aging etc

  10. Arianna Reply:

    I want to know where I can get product support and training, as well as from whom I can buy the products from at wholesale.

  11. Sandor Reply:

    I want the shiseido’s automatic lip crayon color number LC1. I’m from BC, Canada. Does anyone know any places that sell shiseido products? Or a website that is reliable and sells this product?

  12. Suraj Reply:

    I have some shiseido products but have no idea if it has expired yet. Thus I want to see how to read the batch/lot/expiration code.

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