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Where can I Purchase Acetone

You may have such questions as Where Can I Buy Pure Acetone and What Is Acetone Used for,or you may also seek several helpful information about How to Remove Acrylic Nails without Acetone. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to What Household Products Contain Acetone,too. Read more as following:

You can purchase Acetone anywhere they sell nail polish remover. In my experience I have bought acetone at Wal Mart, Walgreens, and even some grocery stores. Acetone is commonly used to remove nail polish.

Where can i buy pure acetone?

Ebay.... More »

What is Acetone Used for?

In chemistry, acetone is commonly used as a solvent. If you are not a chemist than some more day to day uses for acetone are in fingernail polish remover or as a cleaner. ... More »

How to remove acrylic nails without acetone?

1. Wait until the nails are grown out enough that your natural nails show more than the acrylics. 2. Cut your acrylic nails down as far as possible using an acrylic nail clipper. Do not use regular nail clippers for this or your nails will crack and... More »

Where can I Purchase Acetone?

Acetone is available at almost all drug stores like CVS, Walgreen's, Rite Aid, Eckerds. You can also purchase acetone at walmart and at Sally beauty supplies.... More »

Who Discovered Acetone?

Richard Wolffenstein was a chemist who discovered acetone back in 1895. He was he first one that used acids that were inorganic as catalysts.... More »

Where can you purchase the liquid form of acetone?

You should be able to purchase liquid acetone at your local drug st...... More »


  1. Canecoruso Reply:

    i want to remove all the stickers from this plastic trike and replace with since they are all peeling and half torn off. I tried olive oil, peanut butter, vinegar, rubbing alchohal and nothing is working. I do not have wb40 or goo gone or acetone finnger nail polish

  2. Lourdes Reply:

    We have the technology to convert plants into fuel, what is the down side to converting and using plant based fuels?

    Why can’t we put our farmers to work producing bio fuels, rather than purchasing oil from Aribic Nations?

  3. Nandini Reply:

    We just purchased our first home and the previous owners did a sloppy job of staining the deck. They left random brown semi transparent stain streaks on the grey vinyl siding of our house.

    Do you know of any tricks or products that will remove the stain without damaging the vinyl siding?

  4. Kalie Killen Reply:

    Can I use normal paint thinner to thin my polish instead of purchasing nail polish thinner? Or do people specifically make nail polish thinner because the chemicals arent as harsh or something?

  5. Bailey Reply:

    Accidentally punctured with a tent pole, leaving a small round hole in window screen. Purchased tent repair kit with matching fine-gauge mesh. Best to sew patches on both sides, seam seal, glue, what? Appreciate all tips. Thank you!

  6. Lidooh_smiles Reply:

    The last several pairs of athletic shoes I’ve purchased, the back sole separates from the shoe after wearing for a few weeks. I’ve tried rubber cement, fixture adhesive and silicone caulk. None of these work. Any suggestions?

  7. Michael Reply:

    The Condo we recently purchased has fake frosted glass on the bathroom window. I am sure it went with the previous owners decor, however, not mine. Any suggestions on a safe way to remove would be welcome.

  8. Wayne H Reply:

    My purchase of a fresh pineapple has a strong detergent smell, any news on this?

  9. Jogi Reply:

    I’ve used acetone straight in my pickup truck and lawnmower. it is a drop-in gasoline replacement. Would like to brew up my own instead of purchasing.

  10. Cortex Reply:

    I’m looking to purchase a marker that will permanently stay on nonporous plastic. I don’t want it to be able to be removed by any solvent such as alcohol. Are there such markers in existence?

  11. Isaac Reply:

    I’ve had them for 3 weeks and they have started to grow out and you can see my natural nails underneath. I’ve read some articles to get them off, but they all said “use acetone” but I don’t have any. Any suggestions?
    I don’t want some long answer telling me if I don’t have “real” gel nails or not.

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