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Who Invented the First Cosmetics

You may have such questions as Who Invented Makeup and Who Invented the Toilet,or you may also seek several helpful information about Who Invented the Cell Phone. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Early History of Cosmetics,too. Read more as following:

The first cosmetics were invented in ancient Egypt around four thousand BC. The Indians, Romans and Greeks were known to use cosmetic dating way back in time.

Who Invented Makeup?

The Ancient Egyptians left behind evidence that they may have used primitive makeup as far back as the 4th century BC. Researchers have found objects which appear to have been eye makeup.... More »

Who Invented the Toilet?

The first recorded advanced toilets came from Mohenjo-Daro in South Asia in 2800 B.C. These toilets were made of bricks with wooden seats.... More »

Who Invented the Cell Phone?

Way back in April of 1973, Doctor Martin Cooper made the very first phone call made from his invention, the cell phone. Almost forty years later, we haven't stopped dialing!... More »

Who invented cosmetics?

Most of the looks we get today such as wearing lipstick and putting blush on our cheeks come from ancient Egyptians who were the first to discover and implement cosmetics. ... More »

Who invented the television?

The television, according to the Americans, was invented by Philo Farnsworth at the tender age of thirteen. However, Russia (and RCA) claims that the "idiot box" was their idea.... More »

Who invented cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is an offshoot of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery actually started in India around 800 B.C. Although the methods were not advanced, they were meant to improve physical features causing health problems. Skin grants were one of the ea... More »


  1. Panda! Reply:

    I was just wondering what he invented? thanks or even some good sites listing this info.

  2. Karin<3 Reply:

    If you think about it, centuries ago before the Renaissances time, women did not do things to make themselves look prettier other than just wear a bride type of dress with a flower crown on spacial ritualistic occasions.

    Was it the Egyptians that introduced the art of cosmetic?

  3. Cupcake Muffin Reply:

    I know Native Americans used berries for face paint and things along those lines, but who decided to invent makeup like blush and eyeshadow for women to wear so they could look better?

  4. Lux Et Veritas Reply:

    I have had bags under my eyes for years and they make me so self-conscious. I have tried every OTC cure ever invented but nothing works. Any one know how much cosmetic surgery would cost me? Thanks!

  5. Christina Reply:

    I think people who make cosmetics,like makeup , are dermatoligists BUT what are people called who invent and or MAKE perfumes and lotions? It confuses me so I need your help.

  6. Muhammad Hamza Sani Reply:

    What can you say to someone who believes that animal testing by the cosmetics companies never existed and that the whole thing was invented by the hippies? Help please!

  7. Starry Eyed Reply:

    Im thinking of doing a nose job! is it safe to do in a low cost normal cosmetic centers in mumbai, hydrabad or chennai? will low cost reduce the quality of the surgery? is the nose shape we want depend on the cost? and if it is safe where can i find good doctors to do so?

  8. Nandini Reply:

    My uncle would like to sell his clinic cosmetic line to asia. Since his line are “self – invented” and his formula are private, how can he sell it to asia without having his formula reversed engineer and sold for 1/100 of his price?


    What should we do to minimize the risk?

  9. Randi Reply:

    My friends and I need to make a new product and it has to be either a cosmetic or a house hold product.
    What is something that you wish could be invented? Something that could help improve your life?
    Please make it realistic and not tooooo hard.
    Thank you in advance:)

  10. Tiklu Reply:

    When was nail polish invented?
    When did it become a common female practice to paint nails?
    Who (and what culture?) popularized this practice?

  11. Kia Reply:

    For cosmetic purposes, when and where were the first razors made popular?

  12. Steve The Reply:

    like as in other cosmetics, im talking about eye shadows (for pigment) and lets say vasilene. would i be able to sell it?

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