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Who is Jane Norman

You may have such questions as Where Is The Shop Jane Norman and Who Owns The Jane Norman Store,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is The Mission Statement For Jane Norman. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Jane Norman Discount Codes,too. Read more as following:

Jane Norman does it all! She is a singer, a composer, a writer, and a television personailty. She begain her music career at the age of three. Wow, she’s a busy woman!

Where is the shop Jane Norman?

well.. i think it might be in the bullring. There is also one in solihull (England, west midlands) in touchwood.... More »

Who owns the Jane Norman store?

Norman Freed owns jane norman....he took his name and combined it with his mothers name...... More »

What is the mission statement for Jane Norman?

To make a profit.... More »

Who designs Jane Norman clothes?

jane norman or designers employed by jame norman.... More »

Where are Jane Norman clothes made?

Mainly in LEDC, such as China.... More »

When does the Jane Norman summer sale start?

According to the website, it has already begun. There are deep discounts on shoes and accessories, not to mention the redlines are up to 50% off. There appears to be something for every women.... More »


  1. Rjf Reply:

    I bought a really high waisted skirt from Jane Norman. It is just like the ones Girls Aloud wear in the shampoo advert. I love this skirt you do you guys think?

    What should I wear it with.. blouse, tights, shoes?

  2. Kayleveille Reply:

    It is a jane Norman silver dress which had black flower detail going down it. Can any one suggest the colour or any links to shoes you think would suit the dress.

  3. Spursallday Reply:

    I really love Jane Norman’s dresses. But the thing is, she’s in England & my shop’s in Jordan. How can I sell her stuff?

  4. Lili Reply:

    The dress is the same as this one

    I don’t want to wear black really as have done that before, I want to change the look, any ideas before I go and buy a new dress?

  5. Richard De Almeida Reply:

    I love Jane Norman clothes are there any similar websites in the uk?

  6. Mustafa Reply:

    All my friends love Jane Norman but i just don’t see what all the fuss is about, i’ve had clothes from there which have been poor quality and faulty not to mention expensive so why do so many people like it can someone enlighten me?

  7. Rich Reply:

    CORAL pink boobtube dress from Jane Norman. I’m wearing GOLD heels with it. Im a size 6. I have long dark hair and tanned skin.

    What nail vanish, jewellery and make up and bag should I go for with it?

    Links to stuff is always useful

    Best Answer wins the points!

  8. Toxic Reply:

    It’s for my 21st birthday.See the website Jane Norman only ships to the UK well Europe,and I live in the United States.And I need a address that could ship it to me after I buy it.Anyone please.

  9. Marialourdes.ojeda Reply:

    I bought a Jane Norman coat early this year/late last year. It was £90 but it has gone realy bobbly. I don’t have the receipt, but the label is Jane Norman and it’s definately last seasons coat. A £90 coat shouldn’t have worn this badly! It looks really scruffy! Is there anything I can do?

  10. Pandaloverz Reply:

    I have an upcoming interview for jane norman as a customer service assistant. as a casual clothes store i was wondering if i should wear something reflective of their clothing or just be simply smartly dressed. also ifanyone works for them, what sort of questions should i expect?

  11. Kira Reply:

    My friend picked up a Jane Norman dress at a charity shop and we were wondering what websites could give us the original price?

  12. Anna Reply:

    I have my first ever job interview tomorrow with Jane Norman and i have no clue what to wear, anybody got just some basic suggestions which i can work from?

  13. Jill Reply:

    As far as i know, jane norman only has locations in the UK. They do not ship to the US on their website. Do you know of any stores in the US that carry Jane Norman clothing? Thanks!

  14. Kalaichelvan Reply:

    I have an interview with Jane Norman tomorrow for a weekend position and have not got an idea what to wear. Can anyone offer any suggestions? It’s my first job interview and I really want to make the right impression. Cheers.

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