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Why do People have Eyelashes

You may have such questions as Why Do Humans Have Eyelashes and What Causes Eyelash Loss,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Put On Fake Eyelashes. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How Do Eyelashes Protect the Eye,too. Read more as following:

People have eyelashes to protect their eyes from foreign matter. Even animals have eyelashes, they all provide the same benefit. Eyelashes also provide a pretty frame for our eyes.

Why do humans have eyelashes?

eyelashes protect the eyes by not allowing any foreign particle to enter into it. eyelashes protect the eyes by not allowing any foreign particle to enter into it.... More »

What Causes Eyelash Loss?

As an adult, if you have swelling to your eyelids, it can cause you to lose your eyelashes. This condition is called blepharitis. There are some treatments that can help you with these symptoms, but there is no cure for it.... More »

How to put on fake eyelashes?

hi this is common and i get asked this alot as a makeup artist.. 3 easy steps 1. apply the glue then blow on it for about 20 seconds you want it to become tacky/sticky because if you apply it before its kinda sticky it's gonna slide right off your ey... More »

What is the Purpose of Eyelashes?

The purpose of your eyelashes is to protect your eyes. They help keep wind, dust and other irritants out of your eyes. They can even help us keep the sunlight out of our eyes as well.... More »

How to remove fake eyelashes?

Video Transcript. Hi, my name is Sylvia Russell and I know you have questions. How do I get rid of this? How do I do this? Do I wear lashes or don't I wear leashes? Well today I'm going to show you how to remove fake eyelashes. You've had your eyelas... More »

How to Apply Eyelashes?

To apply false eyelashes you want to follow the directions very carefully. Get the adhesive, if they are not the self stick kind, as close to your own eyelashes as possible. Use the tip of your finger to gently press the eyelashes onto the adhesive a... More »


  1. Fluttershy Reply:

    I have completely natural thick and long eyelashes. Naturally volumized. I have a natural top eye liner. Am i considered lucky? Because I don’t like them to much. It stops me from completeting the way I do my eye makeup. Anyway to make them less thick?

  2. Kenneth Gomez Reply:

    My eyelashes never stretch when i put on mascara. So when i finish, the lashes on the top stretch but the ones on the side are just so short that you can’t even see i put anything on. I put on volumizing mascara first and then, lengthening. How do i get it longer?

  3. Lauren Evans Reply:

    I want to make my straight eyelashes curl. I’ve tried mascara but found it is too bothersome with all the clumps, and I’ve tried almost every kind of eyelash curlors, including the heated ones. What other ways can I curl my eyelashes?

  4. Sherry Reply:

    Just wondering, my eyelashes have thinned out and I haven’t been getting much sleep since my doctors put me on a medicine that has a side effect of reducing my appetite. Don’t worry I eat and all now! If anyone has some cool tips they wanna share that’d be great! Thanks!

  5. Herander Reply:

    My eyelashes have started falling out regularly, at least one or two everyday. And i would prefer not doing any pricey treatment, but any one who has a remedy Please say. Thanks!

  6. K-o-e Reply:

    My eyelashes are really short and I always scratch it when my eyes are itchy which makes my eyelashes fall out even more. Is there any way to make it grow long again?

  7. Ana Reply:

    My eyelashes are kinda thin and tomatoe I want to make them look full and thick, how can I do this?

  8. Kylie Reply:

    My eyelashes are extremely short and I hate it, and I was wondering how fast eyelashes grow, and is their any way to make them grow faster?

  9. Melissaallday Reply:

    I have an eyelash curler but my blow dryer doesn’t work, anymore suggestions? and how do i put mascara on correctly? and my lower eyelashes aren’t long, how do i make them stick out more?


  10. Charly! Reply:

    Im Crazy, I cut my eyelashes off cause but not all the way i tried to trim them cause they where to long and girly and now it looks weird. I cut the eyelashes and the little hairs that where under my eye a little bit not all the way. If I use vasaline on them how fast will it take them to grow?

  11. Love Reply:

    My natural eyelashes are curly, so it makes applying eyelashes kind of hard. And I was wondering, what kind of eyelashes to girls on reality tv use to make them look so pretty?

    Like on RCoL?

  12. Tony Reply:

    Lengthening, voluminous fuller eyelashes. I have short eyelashes because I am more fair skinned. Anybody have tips or products to make eyelashes look fuller without applying fake ones?
    Thank you!

  13. Os Reply:

    My eyelashes irritate me from time to time. They’re really curly, and it seems like everyone with a false eyelash tutorial has perfectly straight ones. Help?

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