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Why do People have Hazel Eyes

You may have such questions as What Causes Hazel Eyes and What Is Hazel Eye Color,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Color Are Hazel Eyes. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Hazel Eyes Change Color,too. Read more as following:

Some people just have different color eyes than other people. Some people have brown eyes, some have blue eyes, and others have hazel eyes. We’re all different!

What causes hazel eyes to change color, and why does eye color vary?

Eye color or eye colour is a polygenic trait and is determined by the amount and type of pigments, primarily melanin, present in the eye's iris. Although there seem to be three genotypic eye colors (brown, green, and blue), humans and other animals h... More »

What is Hazel Eye Color?

Hazel eye color is a mixture of brown with blue and/or green. Hazel is used to describe brown eyes which are not solidly brown, and typically lighter in shade than standard brown eyes.... More »

What Color are Hazel Eyes?

Hazel eyes are considered a combination of colors. Some hazel eyes are blue and brown while others are green with a hint of yellow gold around the iris.... More »

What are hazel eyes?

No, would be the answer to the person below me. hazel eyes are green brown and a goldish brown. how else are you supposed to explain brown AND green eyes. its hazel. Another answer Hazel eyes are not just brown they can come in shades of green blue a... More »

What do Hazel Eyes Look Like?

Hazel Eyes are a green color with a little bit of brown. The colors can be mixed together or even outline each other. A few people you may know you have or had hazel eyes are Elvis Presley, Kate Moss and Kelly Clarkson.... More »

What Colors Make Up Hazel Eyes?

Hazel eyes are composed of green, blue and brown. This color contains more green hues than the others, however, hazel eyes are known for their ability to "change" hues in different lights and when against different color clothing.... More »


  1. Michi Reply:

    So my cousin has slightly hazel eyes.
    Everyone on our side of the family have dark brown eyes and everyone on her side has dark brown eyes.
    We have all had brown eyes for more than 5 generations.
    So how does she randomly have hazel eyes?

  2. Martina Reply:

    Alright, I really want my eyes color to pop and be the first thing you notice about me. I have medium brown hair and hazel eyes which are a combination of green and brown. So can your recommend colors to use and makeup routines? Thanks!

  3. Caitlin Reply:

    I try to spice up my makeup like once a week but I’m finding that I can’t find anything that looks really nice. I have hazel eyes and dark brown wavy/curly hair. I straighten it sometimes, other than that I throw it up with a headband. Any suggestions ?

  4. Tttt Reply:

    I really want light blue eyes. Like Megan Fox’s. But I have hazel eyes, they’re more green than brown.

    Are there any specific brands or colors that will give them that light blue effect?

  5. Erica Reply:

    I have round hazel eyes and like sort of a 60’s look…
    My skin is a bit red sometimes.

  6. Mike G Reply:

    I want to dye my hair blonde, and I have pale skin and hazel eyes, but I don’t know what shade of blonde to use with my skin tone and eye color. Do you have any suggestions for me?

  7. Michaelangelo Reply:

    I have hazel eyes and my boyfriend has blue. Do you know anyone with that mix? What color eyes did their kids have?

  8. Moshey Reply:

    I read on wikipedia that hazel eyes are basically green eyes with some brown in the center area and the dominant color may vary. But then how can you tell whether it’s just green with small amounts of brown or hazel?

  9. Tom2 Reply:

    I have heard people of middle eastern ancestry have hazel eyes, is this always the case? I am a generic looking pasty white Caucasian kid but I have hazel eyes. What may this mean?

  10. Larisa.xox Reply:

    I have hazel eyes that are more on the green side. What color eyeliner should I wear to make the green pop? I do like black but it makes my eyes very dark.

  11. Rain Reply:

    If you have ever looked at a person with hazel eyes ( ido) you notice that their eyes are never one color. My eyes have gold around the pupil and then fleck out into green. Some people’s have streaks of gold through them. I just want to know why aren’t hazel eyes one color instead of like 3?

  12. Hamza Reply:

    I have have light skin and hazel eyes and I want to know what color eyeshadow would look good on my light skin and would make my hazel eyes pop. Any ideas?

  13. Tyroni Reply:

    Can a mom with hazel eyes (brown/green) and a father with blue-green eyes produce a child with plain brown eyes?

  14. Georgia Reply:

    I love my hazel eyes and I really want to bring them out.
    What color should I dye my hair?
    Right now it’s a light brown with a few different shades of almost blondish in it. I would love for my eyes to look more green if that’s possible. Thanks!

  15. Mich Reply:

    I have hazel eyes and dyed red hair its a medium aubern color, and I really need a makeup style. All my sisters have red hair and blue eyes, so I can’t really ask them for help.

  16. Paige Reply:

    I have hazel eyes but sometimes they look more brown, i usually use black eyeliner with the covergirl exact eyelights mascara. I would really like for my eyes to stand out more and i was wondering what kind of eye makeup i could use to get the effect i want.

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