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Why People have Blue Eyes

You may have such questions as Can African Americans Have Blue Eyes and Can a Black Person Have Blue Eyes,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Are Babies Born With Blue Eyes. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How Common Is It to Have Blue Eyes,too. Read more as following:

People are born with blue eyes because of a protein called melanin. When melanin is not fully deposited in your genetic makeup, blue eyes are the result.

Can african americans have blue eyes?

African Americans can have blue eyes because blue contact lenses are available for sale. Most African Americans have brown eyes due to genetics. If someone is half African American they can have blue eyes.... More »

Can a black person have blue eyes?

Yes...there are tribes in northern India who have blue eyes...and in Jamaica, there is a village on the coast where many locals have not only blue eyes but red hair. National Geographic did a feature on them some years ago...they are descendants of a... More »

Why Are Babies Born with Blue Eyes?

You inherit your eye color from your parents, but no matter what the color is now, it may have been blue when you were born. Why? Melanin, the brown pigment molecule that colors your skin, hair, and eyes, hadn't been fully deposited in the irises of... More »

What Causes Eyes to be Blue and Brown?

David Bowie has one brown eye and one blue eye as a result of a friend thinking it would be funny to see what happened when you mixed an eye with a stick. Aside from accidents, one blue eye and one brown eye is a genetic anomaly that is very rare and... More »

How many people have blue eyes?

Blue eyes are most common in Northern and Central Europe. Only about 8 percent of the worlds population have pretty blue eyes. People with blue eyes have one common ancestor.... More »

Where do Blue Eyes Come from?

There is a gene that has been discovered to make eyes blue. It is the OCA2 gene. Melanin is a pigment that actually causes eye color. If there is lots of it eyes will be brown, if less, eyes will be green & even less, eyes will be blue. You can find... More »


  1. Brandon Bukre Reply:

    I have natrually blue eyes and I was wondering if anybody knew how to do one of two things
    a) what makeup tips can make your eyes look bigger
    b) what make up makes blue eyes pop and stick out?

  2. Tacklee Reply:

    My mom had a rabbit w/ blue eyes and wants to know how much she can get from it?Please Help!
    It is a baby.We already have one.I just want to know how much.And maybe some of the breeds and how much they are?

  3. Attilio Brandi Reply:

    Ok so I have grey-blue eyes and fair skin.
    Was thinking of trying plum mascara but would it look bad?
    I don’t know how to apply eyeliner without looking horrible so tips on the would be helpful too!

  4. Bonnie B Reply:

    I have light blue eyes with a navy blue ring around the edges and dirty blonde hair. What eye shadow colors would compliment my eyes if i need 3 different colors?

  5. Erick Valle Reply:

    How did blue eyes and blonde hair come about? It is scientifically proven that we ALL came from Africa. So how did blue eyes blonde hair come into the picture? Please back up your answer with links.

  6. Lizze.h Reply:

    I have blue eyes and light brown hair and want to make my blue eyes stand out even more. does anyone has any tips, either make up or colours to do this? Thanks!

  7. Kid With A 12 Gauge 11.0 Reply:

    I have blue eyes but I think green eyes are gorgeous. What are some eye makeup tips that will make my eyes sparkle a greener shade.

  8. Lexi Reply:

    I have light blue eyes and light brown hair (if that matters) and I want to know any eyeshadow colors or palettes that look good with my eyes or make my eyes pop. Help?

  9. Emmabee Reply:

    I have REALY pretty blue eyes (not to be vain or anything) I really want to emphasize them for my cousins wedding, what would be wedding apropreate make up to make my eyes stand out?

  10. Lukas Mosashvili Reply:

    I have dark bright blue eyes, with long eyelashes. I’m not super tan but i got alittle one. I have chubby cheeks and a dimple on my chin. My cheeks have little specks of freckles on the top close to my nose. My hair is blonde but i recently put pink on my bangs.

  11. Yaz Reply:

    I have all the blue eyes, and I just want to know what is the fastest and easiest way to summon blue eyes the ultimate dragon.

  12. Nicolehello Reply:

    I have blue eyes, but my parents and my brother have brown eyes. Not even my grandparents have blue eyes, or cousins. So how can this be possible, can you explain this to me?

  13. Anna Reply:

    I have very deep blue eyes, dark brown hair, and fair skin. I have been trying to figure out what colors really make my eyes pop and what color of smokey eye works best!

  14. Eeveefurret Reply:

    I have blue eyes and red hair, and my skin tone is light. What do you think would look best?

  15. Amy Noel Reply:

    How did Northern Europeans get blue eyes? Is it a mutation that is an error? Or is it a mutation caused by adaptation?

  16. Jocelyn Lee Reply:

    I have like really weirdly rare blue eyes. They are normal blue with a white circle in the blue, and the color is surrounded by a dark blue. They dont stand out enough for me. I want them noticed more. What make up tips are going to make them pop?

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