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How do I Hypnotize a Person

You may have such questions as How Do I Hypnotize Myself to Sleep and How To Hypnotize A Person,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Hypnotize A Person To Quit Smoking. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How to Hypnotize a Person Instantly,too. Read more as following:

Hypnotizing a person can actually be easier then you think and how to do that is simple. You can have your subject either sit or lie down so that they are comfortable then begin speaking slowly to them. You can have them take a deep breath in and as they exhale to close their eyes. Next you will want you subject to relax there body such as arms then other parts.

How do i hypnotize myself to sleep?

Connected to your torso & just let gravity take control, your arm ...... More »

How to Hypnotize a Person?

It is known that in order to hypnotize a person you must dangle a watch in front on their eye and swing it back and forth while telling them to count backwards.... More »

How to hypnotize a person to quit smoking?

1. Set a quiet, comfortable environment for the hypnosis session. The person to be hypnotized should be laying down or in a very comfortable chair. He or she should remove eyeglasses and any tight clothing. 2. Select a spot on the ceiling and tell th... More »

What type of person is most likely to be hypnotized?

Someone who wants to experience hypnosis is most likely to be hypnotized! You can not be hypnotized against your will - you have to be motivated to try it. The most responsive people are usually of above average intelligence; have good powers of conc... More »

What do you call a person who hypnotizes?

hypnotist.... More »


  1. Daria L Reply:

    Just wondering… How do you hypnotize someone to see their past life? Are you still ticklish when you are under hypnosis?

  2. Kalaichelvan Reply:

    and vice versa – hypnotise a Christian person to be an atheist.

  3. No Name Reply:

    I tried to hypnotize my hubby today and he fell asleep instead! I am not a professional, nor I want to take this as a profession. How can I hypnotize him without he falling asleep?

  4. O Till We Overdose ..`, Reply:

    And what can you do once you’ve hypnotised them?

  5. Craaig Reply:

    Say, a person has had three or four drinks – – would that person be more easily hypnotized than, say, a person who is a tea-toddler? Thank you for your info.
    I suppose that I’m legally over the limit, and I was just wonderin’ …..

  6. Nikunj Reply:

    suppose you want to improve your self confidence and change your personality, can it be done using hypnosis? hypnotizing the person and then inducing self-confidence in his subconscious. Will this work?

  7. Unknown Reply:

    If possible, is there a way for the person to be hypnotized to prevent this even though they are unaware of what’s going to happen to them?

  8. Hang Fire Reply:

    If possible, is there a way for the person to be hypnotized to prevent this even though they are unaware of what’s going to happen to them?

  9. Eric B Reply:

    I want to learn how to hypnotize myself and my grandma!Plz help lol!
    To tha last one!WTF

  10. Jelly Reply:

    i have read about hypnotize a lot but is it true i do not know but i want to a hypnotize people.. can you refer me a good book or source..

  11. Angela Reply:

    This is hard to explain but its a long story. Basically, i suspect my mom has been hypnotised by a person, she suddenly became such a different person that I even do not want to talk to her and find her unbearable, and I know it is definitely not just a change of heart.

  12. Kalley Reply:

    Or is it even possible to hypnotize a dying person? I heard of Hypnosis in connection with pain therapy, so… Now I wonder what happens if you hypnotize a dying person.

  13. Tacklee Reply:

    Sorry, it’s like a debate we are having, we were just wondering if it’s possible to hypnotize a person into getting amnesia?

    How do they do it?

  14. Keisha Reply:

    Someone (not a hypnosis expert) told me that physiological methods don’t work in waking up a hypnotized person because there’s not a strong enough link to the psychological.

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