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How do You Give a Intramuscular Injection

You may have such questions as How To Give Intramuscular Injections and How To Give A Dog Intramuscular Injections,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Give Canine Intramuscular Injections. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Intramuscular Injection Sites,too. Read more as following:

When you are giving an intramuscular injection start by pinching the area between your fingers. Wipe the area with a sterile cloth and let it dry. Now pinch the skin together again and inject the needle. Push the plunger all the way down to release the medicine. Then release the plunger and pull the needle out slowly. Apply pressure to the injection site and massage for 30 seconds after.

How to Give Intramuscular Injections?

Intramuscular injections are used when the medicine being injected needs to go directly to the muscle. First you have to prepare the medicine and get a clean needle, then determine where you are giving the shot (upper thigh, butt, upper arm or hip) h... More »

How to give a dog intramuscular injections?

1. Choose a quiet place with good lighting to administer the injection. Be sure the dog is standing on a non-slippery surface. Ask a friend or family member to help you restrain the dog. He should only use enough restraint to keep the dog in place an... More »

How to give canine intramuscular injections?

1. Draw the liquid substance into the syringe. The best way to do this is to hold the liquid injection bottle upside down and plunge the syringe's needle to draw out the substance. Draw only the amount you need, or in the case of a single-dosage vacc... More »

How to give intramuscular injections in pets?

1. Restrain your pet. Use gentle restraint and only as much as necessary. You may inject your pet while he is standing or lying on his sternum. An assistant may make the process go more smoothly. Your helper should maintain control of your pet's head... More »

How to give intra-muscular injections to horses?

1. Shake the bottle and clean the plastic seal with an antiseptic swab. 2. Determine which injection site you will administer the medication. Choose from a triangular area at the base of the neck, a rectangular area in the buttocks, one inch below th... More »

How to give intramuscular injections less painfully?

1. Prepare the injection site using an alcohol pad, but make sure you let the alcohol dry completely. This is probably the most common mistake people make that can cause unnecessary pain. It only takes an extra five seconds and is the easiest way to... More »


  1. Madeline Reply:

    Just checking a standard of spy movies etc… you just jab a hypodermic into the person, meaning it has to be an intramuscular injection, as you cannot find a vein that way, and in goes the fast acting sleep drug

    .Are there anesthetic drugs that can be administered that way?

  2. Meshell1229 Reply:

    B12 injections, for example. Why shoot it into the muscle, rather than into a bit of fat instead? Will it stay in the system longer or be more effective when injected into the muscle?

    I’m confused.
    Jake, what about injecting it into the fat instead? That’s not IV.

  3. Peterson Trevon [email protected] Reply:

    the injection won’t reach the gluteus maximus due to the large layer of fat separating it from the skin so what should i do in this case ?

    BQ : what are the precautions ?

  4. James Baker Reply:

    If a person comes to a pharmacy with a proper prescription from a qualified doctor for an injection, can the pharmacist administer it? Are the pharmacists trained to administer shots?

  5. Rfc Reply:

    Are female nurses legally allowed to administer Enema to a boy of age between 12 to 17yrs if prescribed by a doctor? Does the tenager boy has the right to demand for a male nurse if he feels uncomfortable with a female nurse? Does the same applies for an intramuscular injection in buttocks??

  6. Harsheeta Reply:

    I am going to get my wisdom teeth taken out and was wondering if intramuscular injection will help ease the operation. I could also take a pill 1/2 hour before. What you guys think?

  7. Xxbandaidsxx Reply:

    please help me…

    i need to know how much sterile water will i add to 1g of streptomycin…
    it’s an intramuscular injection for patients with pulmonary tuberculosis..

  8. Lolaso Reply:

    I noticed that most nurses do not aspirate the needle when they give intramuscular injection to kids. In nursing school, I was taught to aspirate the needle to make sure you don’t hit any nerves.

  9. Jordyy Reply:

    What are the chances of getting hiv or hepatitis c from intramuscular injection?

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