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How does Vitamin C Help the Human Body

You may have such questions as Why Does the Human Body Need Iron and How Does Vitamin C Help Your Body,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Does Vitamin C Do For Your Body. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Human Body Organ Diagram,too. Read more as following:

Vitamin C helps the human body in lots of different ways. It helps our bodies absorb calcium and iron, also it helps heal wounds we get. We need it for healthy teeth, gums and bones too.

Why does the Human Body Need Iron?

Our human bodies need iron because iron makes our red blood cells that carry oxygen to all other parts of our bodies. You can get iron by foods you eat as well as iron tablets.... More »

How does Vitamin C Help Your Body?

Vitamin C helps in the absorption of calcium, and iron. This vitamin also promotes the healing of wounds, and aids in brain function. Vitamin C is also necessary in the formation of collagen. To find more information click here: ... More »

What does Vitamin C do for Your Body?

Vitamin C will do a lot to help repair tissues in the body. Vitamin C also allows for growth of the body. Many people use Vitamin C to help prevent the signs of aging because it will help keep skin firm.... More »

Why is vitamin C not synthesized in human body?

We do not know.... More »

What is Vitamin C needed for in the human body?

One of the role of vitamin C is to play a role in making the protein, collagen. Collagen is found in various places such as the connective tissue (helps hold joints together for example). It is also found in bones, teeth, tendons and blood vessels. I... More »

How does Water Help the Human Body?

Water helps a human body by keeping us hydrated. It allows our organs to function as they should. It keeps our skin plump and healthy. It helps our digestive system working well and staying healthy... More »


  1. Brianna Reply:

    Is it possible to combine vitamins A, B, and C in one capsule? Will they react with each other and be rendered useless or harmful to the human body or will it remain consumable? Thanks for your replies!

  2. Shiz_gizn_gar Reply:

    That would be a very useful trait for Humans, so how would creationists be able to explain why God would elect to deprive us of it?

  3. Desda Reply:

    what are the important of Vitamin C in human body?

  4. Vasu Reply:

    A) It is required for some body functions, such as maintenance of bone and synthesis of collagen.
    B)Our bodies cannot synthesize it.
    C)Our bodies derive vitamin C from the proteins we consume.
    D)Our bodies can synthesize it.

  5. Doug Reply:

    What if I eat things that don’t give me Vitamin C,D,A, etc?

  6. Danielle Reply:

    For eg humans need unlike other animals to obtain vitamin C from foods.

    Is it merely less energy expensive for the body to get it from foods than synthesise?
    Pretty much all of these “breatharians” have been shown to be con-artists in controlled studies.

  7. Vξu§ ♀ Reply:

    I know that guinea pigs need vitamin C daily from their diet because they can’t produce it or store it on their own, but I have read that their natural diet in the wild is just grasses. Where do wild guinea pigs get their vitamin C?

  8. Nathan Reply:

    It just seems that all Vitamins have the word “vitamin” in them, but yet they all seem to do something different. What is the difference?

  9. Resenagn5 Reply:

    Which vitamins are the most important for the human body to consume and how do they help you.

  10. Kristian Reply:

    If so whats it called? I was drinking orange juice and I was like I wonder if theres any medical conditions where the human body can’t process vitamin C. How’s that for a random thought? Also how does the body process vitamin C?

  11. Bobbi Deena Reply:

    In what way do the following vitamins and minerals benefit the human body?
    Vitamin A
    Vitamin D
    Vitamin C

  12. S Reply:

    Have there been any well documented studies with the use of Vitamin C within the human body?
    is there a limit to how much is useful to take, and what does the body do with the rest? Details please , can anyone explain, thanks

  13. Robin Slagle Reply:

    My friend keeps telling me that human body can only absorb 100% of the recommended dose of vitamin C, but then why are there supplements that have way more than the 100% daily value. So how much vitamin C can the human body absorb at once before the rest is just pissed out?

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