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Should I go to school if I have diarrhea?

Diarrhea describes bowel movements (stools) that are loose and watery! It is very common and usually not serious! Many people will have diarrhea once or twice each year! It typically lasts two to three days and can be treated with over-the-counter medicines! The decision to go to school will depend on the severity of the diarrhea! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Beatriz Reply:

    If he has even one spell of diarrhea, do not let him go to school. Do not let your child return to school until the symptoms have been gone for at least 24 hours. Detail:

  2. Daryl Reply:

    Yes it might be a good idea to stay home for a few days. You don’t want to have any accidents at school and mess all over yourself. I would go back to

  3. Natacha Reply:

    It is very important to go to school. That way you can learn the fundamental elements before getting into real world situations to better prepare you. More:

  4. Libbie Reply:

    The most important reason to go to graduate school, is to open more opportunities for yourself. You can also find a higher paying position if you do so. More:

  5. Albert Reply:

    Many websites are filtered out using special software that your school has installed. You will have to ask the administrator to add an exception on the software so that Myspace can be accessed. More:

  6. Savannah Reply:

    Diarrhea in my pants at school day of my life. I was in school (I’m in 8th grade) and I was eating lunch, what do I do? Yesterday was the most embarrassing and then I had thi

  7. Ophelia Reply:

    Take some immodium and go to school

  8. Lala Reply:

    Try taking Pepto Bismol or a generic, store brand anti-diarrhea medicine if you think you're going to have diarrhea. At school, if you do get diarrhea, keep in mind

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