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What does a sun rash look like?

A sun rash looks very similar to sunburn, but it can develop more quickly, particularly if you are on certain types of medicine! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Melodi Reply:

    Sun poisoning can also look like eczema, with dry, scaly patches found on the skin. If a person notices the rash, swelling or scaly patches associated with sun Detail:

  2. Pearly Reply:

    Sun rashes result of the overexposure to ultraviolet radiation. Sun rashes are typically redness spots on the skin. To learn more about sun rash, read

  3. Mindi Reply:

    Many people with light-colored skin have a higher sensitivity to the sun. Exposure to the sun can cause a sun rash–little red blisters or spots on the skin’s surface. A sun rash is uncomfortable, making your skin itchy, and usually occurs … More:

  4. Angelena Reply:

    A rash looks and feels uncomfortable. But you probably want more info than that. A rash can look red, dark pink, or light pink. A rash can also have bumps, that may be itchy or painful. To find more information click here: http://poisonivy…. More:

  5. Marlana Reply:

    A rash is usually a red dry patch or area on the body. Sometimes the rash will have red bumps in that area and be very itchy. Being overly hot can cause a rash to occur. More:

  6. Mora Reply:

    What’s this sun rash? I’ve been getting this sun rash off and on for about, the doctor said it was ten years now. When I first got it fifth disease and nothing to worry about.

  7. Pia Reply:

    Its a pink or red rash! Sometimes it is slightly raised and sometimes it is flat! Sometimes it itches a bit , but most of the time it does not! Sun exposure really, really agravates it! You should be on Placquinol prescribed by your Dr! Also a mild steriod like Locoid cream also prescribed by your doc!Always use a sunscreen #s 30 or 45 suncreen! Remember the bright sun against the snow in the winter is just as bad!I hate my rash! Im vain, I guess! Thank the Lord for good makeup!!!! Good Luck!

  8. Catalina Reply:

    What does a Lamictal induced rash look and feel like and is there a remedy while staying on the drug? My doctor told had me go in so that he could look at the rash and confirm it was a lamictal . What planets will the sun burn when it dies?

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