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What is the best medicine for a stuffed up nose?

Nasal moisturizers and nasal sprays with saline usually are safe for use in children, pregnant women, and the elderly! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Connie Reply:

    Your post has moved the debate foradrw. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Camila Reply:

    Part of the series: Cold-Weather Sickness Remedies. Getting rid of a stuffed-up nose involves finding out why your nose is stuffed in the first place. If you do have allergies, the best thing to do to get rid of your nose, well get rid of your stuffy Detail:

  3. Christinia Reply:

    Drink lots of fluids, and use your shower to create steam which can help the mucus drain. You can also try some good old chicken soup, it’s been proven to provide relief for nasal congestion.Keep your room warm, but not overheated.

  4. Thuy Reply:

    A stuffed up nose is something that everyone has to deal with sometime in their life. A stuffy nose can happen for many reasons. The nose can get clogged because of an illness such as the flu, a cold or a sinus infection. Or, the nose can c… More:

  5. Peggie Reply:

    Saline nose spray. chicken noodle soup. Listerine mouth strips. More:

  6. Janna Reply:

    At one time or another, everyone has suffered a stuffed nose. There are many conditions that can cause a stuffy nose, ranging from common illnesses to more complex and serious diseases. More:

  7. Fransisca Reply:

    i have a really stuffed nose and a sore throat and cant stop coughing , any home remedies? i have medicine.? thanks

  8. Larisa Reply:

    Paediatric saline drops! No chemicals contained in them!

  9. Yasmine Reply:

    What is the best medication to take for a stuffy head and nose? Hey wats up. Why herbal medicines are the best medicines? Herbs are extremely useful for

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