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What medicine flushes out your colon?

There are so many colon cleansers in the market!Colonix, OxyPowder,Almighty Cleanse, etc!But the best way is to eat fruit & fiber! Any Suggestions here?


  1. bob Reply:

    you can store up to 15-20 pounds of feces in your colon at one time

  2. Daniele Reply:

    How to Flush Out Your Colon. Flushing out the colon is a good way to clean the colon by removing accumulated wastes, fecal matter, toxins and debris. A clean Detail:

  3. Marine Reply:

    In fact, colon cleansing could be hazardous to your health. What is In fact, colon cleansing is unnecessary, and medical experts advise against it. An extra danger of colon cleansing is that if the equipment used to flush out your colon is not

  4. Tristan Reply:

    Many alternative medical practitioners recommend regular colon cleaning. They believe that a colon filled with fecal matter and debris leads to many diseases. Dr. Robert Schultz, a medical doctor who specializes in herbal remedies, believes… More:

  5. Andrew Reply:

    Flushing out the colon is a good way to clean the colon by removing accumulated wastes, fecal matter, toxins and debris. A clean colon is beneficial to overall health. Dr. Robert Schulze, an advocate of herbal remedies, believes that a full… More:

  6. Tonita Reply:

    The colon, the lower section of the large intestine, plays a major role in the digestive process. An enema is a process of flushing the colon to remove waste, debris, toxins and fecal matter accumulated over time. According to Colonhealth.o… More:

  7. Catherine Reply:

    what are the odds of getting 5 royal flushes and 9 18 months? i had this playing online str8 flushes (texas holdem) in the space of about across 4/5 different sites and just w

  8. Anne Reply:

    I dont recommend colon cleanses at all! Your body is perfectly capable of cleaning itself – if you give it what it needs!First of all, lets see if you actually even need to lose weight! Many people think they need to lose weight when its not necessary! You can estimate your body fat content by using our body mass index calculator or body mass index tables! Your BMI (body mass index) can be a good indicator of the percentage of body fat you have!If you want to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way, stay away from diet pills that reduce your appetite, and dont restrict calories too much, both are counterproductive to what you want – healthy weight loss that you will be able to sustain! When you come off your diet plan and do start to eat again, you will be sure to gain back whatever weight you lose, and youll more than likely gain back more weight than you originally lost!When you diet by not eating, or drastically reduce your diet, your body perceives itself as starving and lowers your metabolism (how fast you burn calories at rest) to compensate! Instead, you should go for weight loss in a healthy manner that will be sustainable instead of yo-yo dieting!Raise your bodys metabolism in a healthy way just by eating! Your body actually raises its metabolism each time you eat! What you should do is take your normal diet and spread it out over 5 or 6 smaller meals throughout the day! This will help keep your metabolism at a higher level throughout the entire day! Youre just about guaranteed to lose weight without even changing your diet! This tip alone will aid you greatly in your endeavor to lose unhealthy body fat!Stay away from the obvious things – cookies, cakes and candies! Soda is a real killer; one twelve ounce can of soda will support about 11 pounds of body weight for a body at rest for an entire day! Dont eat anything within 4 hours of going to bed! And stay away from things made with white flour; your body processes it just like sugar! Eat foods made from whole grains instead!Any exercise (walking, cycling, etc!) that you do for more than twenty continuous minutes kicks in the fat burning machine and will help you lose weight! After twenty minutes, on average, your body starts to burn fat for energy instead of carbohydrates! Anything you can do beyond that point is a bonus! Also, if you can do your exercises first thing in the morning it will give your metabolism a boost for the entire day helping you even more in your endeavor to lose even more weight!

  9. Danna Reply:

    In: Intestinal Health, Alternative Treatments for Conditions or Diseases, Doing or using them simply flushes anything out of your intestines, good and bad, and

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