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Where is Potassium Found in the Human Body

You may have such questions as When Was Potassium Found In The Human Body and Why Does The Human Body Need Potassium,or you may also seek several helpful information about Where Is Carbon Found In The Human Body. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Human Body Organ Diagram,too. Read more as following:

Potassium is found in the human body cell’s and also on the outside of the cell which its content is 2-3% in the body. It plays an important role in the smooth muscular and cellular functioning, cardiovascular functions and more. Potassium is a very important source of minerals in our body.

When was potassium found in the human body?

1964.... More »

Why does the Human Body Need Potassium?

Potassium is an element necessary to the human body because it helps maintain the balance of fluid in cells. It also releases energy from various foods during metabolism.... More »

Where is Carbon Found in the Human Body?

Glucose and other types of sugar contain the element carbon. When carbohydrates are eaten, carbon is ingested into the body. The human body puts out carbon in the form of carbon dioxide.... More »


  1. Sierra S Reply:

    I’ve searched and searched but I can’t actually find the answer to this question. So does anyone actually know? Help please. Thank you. Best answer for the most straight forward and doesn’t babble on and on.

  2. Solomon Reply:

    I think its Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen?
    I wish I could give you all a “best answer” so tell me why should I pick you as such.

  3. Armand Reply:

    I just wanted to know. I mean i want to know how the nutrient helps the body.

  4. Shanel Reply:

    Why is it that we need nutrients?

    A good, long answer would be so helpful for me or anyone that has experience with having a job within nutriton etc as this question is what i am stuck on finding out. Thank you, points returned.


  5. Penguinsplus Reply:

    I cannot find any good information about this. I only see the absolute basics on sites.

    Could anyone explain or link to a good site.

    A scientific journal would be great.

  6. Nerdy Hipster Reply:

    Like if you just broke down a random human right now into the chemicals and matter that makes us up, how much would it be worth?

  7. Cassidy Johnson Reply:

    I’ve been wondering the function of mushrooms in the human body…do anyone have that idea???

  8. Crazyfromla Reply:

    I need a list of some organic acids that are naturally present in the human body.

  9. Cali D Reply:

    What is the most abundant element (by mass) found in the human body?


  10. Gene Michaels Reply:

    Some neurons in the human body can be over one metre long. However, mitochondria are only found in the cell body, which is small in comparison to a long axon. How can the cell body possibly produce enough ATP for functions in the axon such as sodium-potassium pumps?

  11. Mallory Molenda Reply:

    i thought inorganic compounds are only found in laboratory like sulfuric acid, potassium permanganate, lead sulfide and etc.. i wonder how those glucose, histidine, stearic acid are being produced since most of them are extracted from the human body. it must be very expensive…

  12. Gul Reply:

    Please list all of the elements that are found in the human body, out of the periodic table of elements.

  13. Justice Moore Reply:

    One example is Sodium (Na), another one is Carbon (C). Now guys, can you please give me other elements that can be found in the human body?

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