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Can moles cause cancer?

Yes, moles can be linked to skin cancer! Examining yourself for moles can reduce your chances of developing melanoma! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lorrie Reply:

    Too much UV rays can give you skin cancer. The sun may also be a cause of the growth of moles. Net Doctor states that "most (moles) develop spontaneously Source:

  2. Gennie Reply:

    Moles (nevi) are simply growths on the skin. They are very common. Very few moles become cancer. Most people have 10-40 moles on their body. Moles can be

  3. Alejandra Reply:

    Melanin is produced in cells that are called melanocytes. They usually distribute melanin evenly, but sometimes they form in clusters, which will make a mole. Look here for more information:… Source:

  4. Bernardina Reply:

    Moles are normally caused by an abnormality in the melanin within the skin although some people are born with moles. Melanin makes the pigment which is what give your skin its color. Source:

  5. Alexa Reply:

    Red moles are caused by overexposure to sunlight. They can also be a change in a mole’s appearance. It is important to have all moles evaluated by your doctor. Source:

  6. Carolyn Reply:

    Can other moles have cancer if…i hate it and its really another one of your moles? also, i have a mole down was tested negative for cancer well you know down there gross but

  7. Desire Reply:

    Moles do not cause cancer!However, some moles may actually BE cancer!See http://www!skinsite!com/info_melanoma!htm

  8. Kenyetta Reply:

    Can a mole be cancer? Yes. If it's sore, bleeding, scabbed over or growing rapidly – have it checked by a doctor. Cancer marijuana use cause cancer?

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