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Can people die of skin cancer?

Yes, people can and do die from skin cancer! There’s a high rate of morbidity associated with Melanoma! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Taisha Reply:

    Part of the Video Series: Cancer Facts. How Does Colon Cancer Affect the Body? How Does a Person Die From Cancer? How Does Skin Cancer Develop? Source:

  2. Williemae Reply:

    About 84% of melanomas are diagnosed at a localized stage. You can read more in our document Melanoma Skin Cancer online at, or call us

  3. Erinn Reply:

    A Scottish doctor first operated on something he believed to be skin fungus in 1787. In 1968 the well preserved "fungus" sample was revealed to be a skin melanoma. Source:

  4. Shonna Reply:

    The doctor can spot what is likely to be skin cancer in a regular check up of your skin. If they suspect it is skin cancer they will do a biopsy which is the only real way to determine skin cancer and they then examine it under a microscope… Source:

  5. Larhonda Reply:

    The American Cancer society estimates there will be about 11,590 deaths from skin cancer in 2009. The earlier skin cancer is detected the higher the survival rate. Source:

  6. Marin Reply:

    How many people die from skin cancer yearly? I’m doing a biology project on skin cancer, and I’m making a brochure. I’m focusing on basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcino

  7. Berry Reply:

    Cancer is a progressive disease, a mutation of a cell in the body! It is your own DNA! Cancer is an umbrella term to describe over 200 often very different acting diseases! Skin cancer is also an umbrella term for three or four SUB TYPES of disease! Two subtypes (basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers) are relatively slow, slow growing and fairly harmless while melanoma skin cancer can be aggressive and life threatening! So ! ! the difference here is that melanoma can metastasize quickly! The disease does not remain on the skin ! ! it metastasizes which means at some undetermined point the disease takes on the ability to replicate itself endlessly and sends out hundreds and hundreds of microscopic malignant cells into the blood stream or lymphatic system! Those malignant cells can now travel all over the body and lodge in the lung, liver, bone, and even the brain ! ! and if it is a metastatic melanoma cell ! !it remains a melanoma malignancy growing in that organ! In this case melanoma tumors can now grow anywhere inside or outside the body! In many cases tumors that migrate via the blood lodge in the lung or the liver, but they can go anywhere!So people with skin cancer or almost any type of cancer can die when the disease metastasizes ! ! because there is very little that can be done to stop the disease once it is in every single part of the body ! ! and growing! Those newer cancer colonies will just indefinitely repeat themselves and become metastatic too ! !sending hundreds and hundreds of new cancer cells out! Eventually the body cannot tolerate the rapid tumor growth ! ! the body becomes overtaxed ! ! the cancer cells can invade the liver, the lungs, the heart, the bones, the brain ! ! causing them to malfunction and eventually shut down entirely!It is metastatic cancer that can kill ! ! and left untreated melanoma and any type of cancer will become metastatic! It isnt just the visible tumors one needs to worry about ! ! it is the microscopic disease in the blood stream and lymphatic system too that needs to be addressed!

  8. Kaitlin Reply:

    No they do not. Some get treatment before it spreads to far. Other's have miracles and survive. Can people die from skin cancer? Yes. What cancers do people

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