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Can you get cancer in your eyes?

You can get cancer in your eyes! One of the most commonly heard of is an eye melanoma, but they are rare! Thanks! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jacklyn Reply:

    I want to send you an award for most helpful inreentt writer.

  2. Josefina Reply:

    Eye cancer is a form of cancer that first afflicts any segment of the eye itself, 6. Talk to your doctor about any other specific steps you can take if you are at risk. pain, bleeding or discharge from your eyes, get immediate medical attention. Source:

  3. Nettie Reply:

    Can you get cancer of the eye? or, for that matter, any part of your body: finger, shoulder, ear etc? 3 years ago; Report Abuse · Denisedds by Denisedd.

  4. Margret Reply:

    Cancer of the eye can manifest in two different ways: cancers that start inside the eye (such as melanoma or intraocular lymphoma) and cancers that spread to the eye from other parts of the body (such as breast or lung cancers). Most eye ca… Source:

  5. Nellie Reply:

    Some eye cancers cannot be seen and must be diagnosed by an opthamologist. Some eye cancers such as conjunctival melanoma can appear as dark spots on the eye. For more information look here:… Source:

  6. Lucila Reply:

    Eye cancer is having a tumor in your eye. Symptoms of eye cancer are blurred vision and spots in your eye. Sometimes the tumor can be even seen through the pupil. Source:

  7. Ardell Reply:

    Ok R&P-Lyin’ Eyes, These Eyes, Bette Davis Eyes, Angel Eyes, Eye Of The Tiger, Private Eyes, Brown Eyed Girl?

  8. Yer Reply:

    If mascara and eyeshadow increased the risk of cancer, nobody would use either one and the cosmetics industry would be bankrupt!As for petroleum being dangerous, thats not true! The man who invested vaseline used to eat a tablespoon of it a day and he lived to be 110! Additionally women have been using vaseline on their faces for decades and people have been putting vaseline on babies bottoms for decade! If what you heard on the Dr! Oz show were true, most of the population would have cancer! It cant be true!

  9. Gilda Reply:

    What to do if you get sunscreen in your eyes? Improve Can you answer these Skin Cancer questions? How long can you live until skin cancer kills you?

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