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Can you get melanoma in your eye?

Melanoma develops in the pigment that gives your skin its color! Your eyes also have that pigment! It’s called ocular melanoma! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Shaquana Reply:

    Melanoma management involves removing skin cancer cells and reducing the chances of it An interferon is a protein that your body makes when you have an infection or diseased cells. Do not use hydrocortisone around your eyes. Source:

  2. Classie Reply:

    Malignant "choroidal" melanoma can grow within the eye. Your specialist will also request that you have a complete general medical check up and specific

  3. Tomeka Reply:

    Melanoma is a very aggressive type of cancer that can spread rapidly. Melanoma of the eye can affect several parts of the eye, including the: Choroid Ciliary body Conjunctiva Eyelid Iris Orbit The choroid layer is the most likely location o… Source:

  4. Krystina Reply:

    Distortion or loss of vision Retinal detachment Spread of the tumor to other areas of the body Source:

  5. Lilliana Reply:

    Eye melanoma is cancer of the eye. If you have been diagnosed with this, you need to be seen regularly by your eyecare professional to monitor for changes. Source:

  6. Neida Reply:

    I am concerned about a finding diagnosed with early melanoma on of a nevis on my to have her eyes checked eye exam. A friend of mine has for melanoma because she was her leg

  7. Blythe Reply:

    I would run to the doctor and find out what is going on! Your eye exam can reveal allot about your health!

  8. Renata Reply:

    Melanoma is usually caused by exposure to sun light. How much soda do you have to drink for it to stain your teeth? Eye melanoma is cancer of the eye.

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