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Can you have eye cancer?

Eye cancer is also called eye melanoma! Many patients with eye melanoma don’t have symptoms unless the cancer grows in certain parts of the eye or becomes more advanced! Symptoms of eye melanomas can include decreased ability to see and floaters! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Amalia Reply:

    Any eye problems that you might have can be dangerous to your sight, including an eye tumor. Like any type of cancer, early diagnosis gives treatment a much Source:

  2. Quiana Reply:

    There is no such thing as eye cancer. You can get melanoma, lymphoma and other types of cancer in or around the eye. They each have different symptoms and none are very common. What you descr8ibe do not fit symptoms for any of them. Source(

  3. Adela Reply:

    Cancer of the eye can manifest in two different ways: cancers that start inside the eye (such as melanoma or intraocular lymphoma) and cancers that spread to the eye from other parts of the body (such as breast or lung cancers). Most eye ca… Source:

  4. Vera Reply:

    Some eye cancers cannot be seen and must be diagnosed by an opthamologist. Some eye cancers such as conjunctival melanoma can appear as dark spots on the eye. For more information look here:… Source:

  5. Rosella Reply:

    Eye cancer is having a tumor in your eye. Symptoms of eye cancer are blurred vision and spots in your eye. Sometimes the tumor can be even seen through the pupil. Source:

  6. Lilla Reply:

    My gma has stage 4 cancer in liver,hip bone& eye.She had breast cancer &in her brain.How long will she live? Can anyone advise their thoughts on this??? Doctors are not giving

  7. Yetta Reply:

    There are cancers of the eye! What you have sounds like bacterial conjunctivitis! This can be easily treated with antibiotic eye drops!

  8. Lucille Reply:

    Answer: Improve. you get eye cancer from a birth effect at least that is what i was taught Can you get staph infection from someone who has had it? Answer it!

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