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Do tanning bed’s cause cancer?

Do tanning beds really cause skin cancer?? This is the most common question asked everywhere! If you are really serious-more?? Any Suggestions here?


  1. Youlanda Reply:

    There are all kinds of stories about cancer and tanning beds. Tanning If someone tells you that tanning beds do not cause cancer as the sun does, they are Source:

  2. Marcelina Reply:

    yes, it causes cancer, keep spray tanning.

  3. Monet Reply:

    There is no such thing as safe tanning. The UV rays that cause tanning are exactly the rays that are thought to promote skin cancer. Source:

  4. Charlie Reply:

    The answer is yes. Cancer occurs when an error is made during cell division. This error can be caused by multiple things but radiation is a big one. UV radiation concentration is much higher in tanning beds (how else can you tan 15 minutes … Source:

  5. Donette Reply:

    Ultraviolet Light There are two classes of ultraviolet light. UVA light penetrates deep into the skin, causing skin cells called melanocytes to release melanin, the pigment which makes the skin tan. UVB light does not penetrate the skin dee… Source:

  6. Luann Reply:

    Do you believe that tanning beds cause cancer? Do you use them anyway?

  7. Tiffiny Reply:

    I am not surprised! Recently, there has been more and more evidence showing how dangerous they really are! Skin cancer chances increase 75% with use of tanning beds! In addition, there is no safe tanning bed! Read more below about the harm they can cause!

  8. Aiko Reply:

    Can a tanning bed cause skin cancer? Yes, tanning beds can cause skin cancer. There are three main types of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell

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