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Does tanning really cause cancer?

Tanning beds thin your skin, making it more difficult to heal! Using a bed once a month makes you 55% more likely to get melanoma! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lakeesha Reply:

    Would you like to get a great tan and do this naturally underneath the hot sun? can damage your skin, causing premature aging and even skin cancer. I just really want to get a good tan but it never seems to happen, my skin never gets as Source:

  2. September Reply:

    Serious tanning causes skin cancer, not because of sun exposure, but because the sun draws impurities to the surface. If you want to tan, eat organic and keep toxins out of your body. This will keep you from getting skin cancer. And never g

  3. Roseanne Reply:

    Hi Mr Rhinoboy, how are your? Good question. I am afraid I don’t have a single theory to give you on this one. It seems there are many factors involved with this disease. Below is a short extract from an article on cancer, and beneath that … Source:

  4. Elinor Reply:

    Ultraviolet (UV) radiation has been associated with an increased risk of skin cancer by epidemiological studies. Source:

  5. Renata Reply:

    Nearly 30 million people in the U.S. tan in tanning salons every year; on average, that’s more than 1 million people a day who are baking themselves under tanning lamps[1]. More than 70% of them are Caucasian females aged 16 to 49 years[2]…. Source:

  6. Leonora Reply:

    With the pre-mature aging and skin cancer that can come from tanning, is it ethical to own a tanning salon? or moral. BTW, I do NOT think they should be illegal. I just want

  7. Lidia Reply:

    Tanning in a tanning bed causes skin cancer and ages your skin! Of course the sun is natural and probably not as bad, but with global warming, you would be best using sunscreen! And if you really wanted to! You could use a sunless tanner from the pharmacy there is a nice selection! But anyways stay out of the sun and those beds are really bad! They will make you look 60 when you are 45!

  8. Tonita Reply:

    tanning at like a tanning place can cause cancer. Is a uv index of 12 too dangerous to tan in or will it get you a really fast tan? It is too dangerous it will not make

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