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Moles can be all different sizes but 6mm is as large as they should get without being concerned that it is a melanoma mole! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Tambra Reply:

    Moles that display as freckles will stop growing, but typical moles can grow large and become precancerous or cancerous. Visit a dermatologist once a year to Source:

  2. Shan Reply:

    The big naked mole rats can grow to an average length of around 12 inches long. Mainly the mole rat originated from Africa.

  3. Myrle Reply:

    should be round 10cm – 17cm Source:

  4. China Reply:

    Answer 6 feet Source:

  5. Numbers Reply:

    There are a few different types of moles. There is the animal we call the mole and then there is a mole in chemistry. A mole is a large amount of atoms that would take several billion years to count. Look here for more information: http://w… Source:

  6. Marget Reply:

    How big will my Ranchu goldfish grow. What’s the best way to make it grow big, quickly? It’s tank is 30 litres (8 gallons)

  7. Lakeesha Reply:

    How to remove mole ?? This article may help youhttp://hubpages!com/hub/How-to-remove-molehttp://www!jelvin!com/how-to-remove-molehope it helps :)

  8. Rosanne Reply:

    How big do garden moles usually grow? How many moles of zinc nitrate will have a mass of 82.090g? What adaptive characteristics do moles have?

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