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How can you tell if cancer has spread through your body?

Your Dr will do tests to see how big the cancer is! For example a Breslow measurement will tell a Dr how thick a tumor (melanoma) is! Then the Clark level uses a scale of I to V to describe the depth of invasion! Stage V means it’s widely spread! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Gwen Reply:

    Cancer cells spread by invading healthy cells and destroying them in order to create more abnormal cells, If left unchecked, it eventually spreads throughout the body. Find out how cancer cells steal nutrients from. How Does Lung Cancer Harm Your Body? Signs & Symptoms that Breast Cancer Has Spread Source:

  2. Retha Reply:

    How Will I Know If My Prostate Cancer Returns? After you get treatment your doctor will be able to see if your prostate cancer has returned. Why Did My Prostate Prostate cancer cells spread through your body in two ways: 1. Through your

  3. Somer Reply:

    Cancer Cell Invasion Cancer cells spread by invading healthy cells and destroying them in order to create more abnormal cells, thereby allowing the cancer to grow larger and more menacing. These cells spread throughout the section of the bo… Source:

  4. Elvia Reply:

    Normal Cell Behavior Your body is made up of trillions of cells. These cells multiply, divide and expire constantly. In healthy individuals, cells complete life cycles and follow distinct patterns. Normal cells have their own identity and o… Source:

  5. Matilde Reply:

    Inflammatory Breast Cancer: What is it? It is difficult for anyone to comprehend a diagnosis of breast cancer, but when the diagnosis is inflammatory breast cancer, it can feel even more overwhelming. According to the Mayo Clinic, one of th… Source:

  6. Jenell Reply:

    can breast cancer spread to other parts of the body? where exactly in the body does it spread?/ how does it spread??

  7. Kaci Reply:

    A tad melodramatic, I didnt get beyond the first chapter!

  8. Aurelia Reply:

    If a cancer anywhere in the body remains benign, that means it has lymph node cancer is cancer in your lymph nodes they are all over your body..around you neck Click to Play How to Know If the Testicular Cancer Spread to the Lymph

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