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How long does it take melanoma to spread through the body?

It varies by person but once melanoma has gotten into the organs it is considered deadly! Any Suggestions here?


  1. vishnu Reply:

    what is treament for melonma cancer

  2. Annamaria Reply:

    Cancerous skin cells can spread to any part of the body at varying rates, depending In addition to invading healthy cells, melanoma can be spread through the Source:

  3. Jesse Reply:

    ANYONE can get skin cancer, but it happens most often in people with fair skin, Once melanoma spreads beyond the skin to other parts of the body, In this type , melanoma travels along the top layer of the skin for a fairly long time The first lymph node(s) to take up the substance is called the sentinel lymph node(s).

  4. Jeanna Reply:

    can u get it from tattooing? Source:

  5. Suzette Reply:

    My dad was just diagnosed with Melanoma in the lungs and the doc said he doesn’t have a crystal ball and everyone is different, but from his experience you can live anywhere from 10 months to 2 years. My dad will undergo Chemo and a clinica… Source:

  6. Alita Reply:

    Inflammatory Breast Cancer: What is it? It is difficult for anyone to comprehend a diagnosis of breast cancer, but when the diagnosis is inflammatory breast cancer, it can feel even more overwhelming. According to the Mayo Clinic, one of th… Source:

  7. Margrett Reply:

    How long does melanoma skin cancer where it’s dangerous? I had melanoma on my usually take to spread to arm 2 years ago, removed by my dermatologist at Kaiser. She removed all

  8. Margret Reply:

    your 12 years of age of course your scared!You are going to the doctors and he will remove it and have a test to see if its benign, That means not cancer!Please dont worry as its most likely nothing!I have had a few moles taken of and i was worried everything was fine so dont get frightened! All the best !

  9. Hoa Reply:

    How long do you live with melanoma spread through hip lungs liver lymohnodesHow long do you live with melanoma spread through body? Improve. In: Health

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