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If you tan everyday, what is the risk that you will get cancer?

For women who start tanning in their 20s! For those, the risk of melanoma increases 150 percent! Thanks for asking ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ingrid Reply:

    If you have a bad sunburn or uneven tan, try the following tips to even out your skin tone. Do not try to even out a tan by laying out under the sun again. Skin cancer is a serious risk of tanning, and after you have peeled your skin is at an even greater risk of being damaged. 2. Use a mild body scrub on your skin everyday. Source:

  2. Demetrice Reply:

    How many times will i need to go to keep my tan? Of course there’s a risk of cancer, but honestly now a days you can get cancer from almost You only get skin cancer if your constantly doing it everyday,which is not the slightest great idea.

  3. Lucina Reply:

    Skin cancer is cumulative. It can take 20, 30, or 40 years to develop. 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime Source:

  4. Laurene Reply:

    The risk of melanoma more than doubled for people who first began using tanning beds when 35 or younger. Source:

  5. Virgina Reply:

    Before you apply any kind of tanning lotion, make sure you take a shower or bath, do your shaving, and exfoliate your skin. Next you should apply a nice moisturizer or body butter. I really like using the body butter because it is thicker a… Source:

  6. Arianne Reply:

    I am currently doing a tanning bed at least 3-4 times a week for 15 minutes. Getting slow results. I am Hispanic, but I look white. I am trying to look as my actual ethnicity.

  7. Tasia Reply:

    1) im always afraid there not sanitized2) dont know anything about those lotions, but always use indoor tanning lotion because moisturized skin tans better3) you can kinda tell by the max time! low end beds have max time of 15 or 20 min! super beds have max of 15 or 12! stand ups are 12 (i think)! also the shape! the low end beds are usually flat to lay on while the higher up ones are curved! there is this awesome one at the salon i go to that has a mattress! (but that one is $35 a session)4) i think your eyes will become dry! MAKE SURE you wear eye protection whether you have contacts in or not!5) they just moisturize! there is no SPF! some are tingly and have bronzers too!6) yes the UV (UVB i think) kills bacteria7) you should see a noticeable difference in about a week or so! it will fade quickly! if you buy the expensive beds, you can maintain your tan by going once or twice a week after you establish a base tan!8) i went everyday for a few weeks just to get a base! would i go everyday and bake for 20 minutes?? definitely not! i was only doing maybe 10 or 12 minutes each time9) not sure! i figure that if im going to tan, i should do it indoors where i can control the intensity/length of exposure to the UV rays! if you tan outdoors you cant control that! i always burn when i go outside in the summer

  8. Arlean Reply:

    Smaller, home tanning beds usually have 12 to 28 100 watt lamps while systems found in . The electrons, now in a lower energy state, will jump back into place onto the first They claim that if a person decides to get a suntan and wants to minimize the risk of getting a .. Nina Shen Rastogi, "Is Sunbathing Good for You ?

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