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Is tanning in a tanning bed worse then tanning in the sun?

Tanning beds are worse than the sun when it comes to getting melanoma! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Karl Reply:

    There are all kinds of stories about cancer and tanning beds. Tanning beds are dangerous and can be worse than lying in the sun. When a person climbs into Source:

  2. Aurora Reply:

    Both are bad for you, but the tanning bed is slightly worse because of the concentrated rays.

  3. Hildegard Reply:

    Tanning beds are just as bad as the sun. The only safe tan are the spray on tans or the self tanners. Source:

  4. Ethel Reply:

    The tanning bed is worse than the sun. It is better to tan naturally, you should not fake bake. Source:

  5. Kazuko Reply:

    On One Hand: Are Both Equally Harmful? The Skin Cancer Foundation says neither tanning from the sun nor from a tanning bed is safe for the skin and advises limiting sun exposure. Both are equally harmful, according to the Mayo Clinic, and c… Source:

  6. Deirdre Reply:

    witch one is worse tanning in a tanning bed (with lotion)or laying out in the sun with no sunscreen?

  7. Maia Reply:

    absolutely! First of all one of the main affects of tanning is skin cancer!! Second when your skin is tan that means that your skin is actually damaged! People think that having tan skin is healthy skin but having tan skin is really really bad for your skin! Get a spray tan if you wanna be tan! Fake bakes and suntanning is very very bad for you! WEAR SUNSCREEN! :)

  8. Anissa Reply:

    What is worse for you tanning in a tanning bed or in the sun? Tanning beds expose you to different UV rays than normal sunlight so it all depends on the

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