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Is there such a thing as foot cancer?

Yes, people can get Melanoma of the foot! Most cases of it are caused by too much exposure to UV rays from the sun / tanning beds! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Malinda Reply:

    All of these things working together make it possible for the ionic foot bath to help even be part of a program to help cure chronic or deadly diseases such as cancer. There are three main types of arthritis that can strike your feet as well as Source:

  2. Ettie Reply:

    Yes, people can get Melanoma of the foot. Most cases of it are caused by too much exposure to UV rays from the sun / tanning beds.

  3. Tyisha Reply:

    First of all, cancer is made up in the air around us in radiation waves. These things are easy to avoid but because mankind have made so many inventions such as the microwave. Well, the clues in the name, say whenever you take milk out of t… Source:

  4. Jada Reply:

    Shoes, sandals, socks, sneakers, slippers, sunscreen, stockings, skis, ski boots, skates, snowshoes, swim fins, surgical shoes, safety shoes and Sketchers! That takes care of the ones beginning with the letter "S". "L" – Loafers "M" – Mocas… Source:

  5. Shane Reply:

    Keep yourself clean by maintaining a good hygiene. Wash your feet regularly with a regular or medicated soap. Dry feet well after washing, specifically to the web space between the toes. Take a bucket of water and add 1 cup of white vinegar… Source:

  6. Deidra Reply:

    has any one got dares involving foot licking foot kissing foot involving feet so….? because my friend is a massage or any thing else bit foot peckish and it is her birthday

  7. Ellie Reply:

    There is no such thing as foot cancer!You can get skin cancer on your feet, or in rare cases bone cancer in your feet! But your symptoms dont sound anything like either!

  8. Ena Reply:

    As a result you can get cancers literally anywhere – including feet and toes. Click Here. First answer Are there anyways to identify the characteristics of salmonella typhimurium? Answer it! Why you thing the big foot is real? Wikipedia has

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