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Is too much sun a bad thing?

Yes,spending to much time in the sun can cause skin cancer and melanoma,which is another term for skin cancer!! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Britt Reply:

    Sunlight can be helpful in reducing the symptoms of psoriasis, but too much sun can be a bad thing. Overexposure to the sun may result in a sunburn, which can Source:

  2. Lavonna Reply:

    Too Much Sun May Be a Bad Thing. Posted Mar 18th, 2008 by Andrea – delicious bookmark Digg Reddit StumbleUpon. Almost everyone looks forward to the

  3. Pandora Reply:

    Too much of anything can harm you. Source:

  4. Jacquline Reply:

    The sun will one day blow up like all of the other stars and we will all die but that’s not for a long time. Then the some will be born again and we will again have life on Earth. It is a cycle. Source:

  5. Kenya Reply:

    one thing is bad in the sun is Heart attack ………. Face the sun …. what do you feeling when the sun see at least 1mins ^_^…… that all the answer……. i means to say to you the answer are in you Source:

  6. Hana Reply:

    is sun tanning a bad thing you have to wear sunscreen i just dont want to? my mom and older sisters a day but my oldest . my mom goes only twice sister goes everyday i know so

  7. Mercy Reply:

    Actually, it depends! Its not the sign that causes problems, its that if it takes up too much of your chart, you probably lack some other signs and can become very one-sided! On the other hand, this helps you be very true with your nature, you dont have conflicting sides and every aspect of you agrees with each other making you a very calm, clear person! For the planets and houses in particular, an agreeing Sun and Rising means you are very true to your own nature and dont pretend to be anything youre not! Because Mercury is also in the same sign, you can easily talk about your feelings and opinions and dont care very much about others opinion of you! If you had to have too much of any sign, it should be Scorpio, because they naturally hide themselves, and since too much of a sign can make someone too open about themselves, it balances out! A Pisces Moon is a really powerful sign too because the Moon is happy in Water signs making all traits the moon accounts for very strong and positive!

  8. Cherly Reply:

    In a simple answer No we do not spend too much time at work. We spend more time on social and sporting commitments. and some people like to work so it isn't

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