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Is using a tanning bed really bad?

Indoor tanning is directly linked to skin cancer, specifically malignant melanoma, and other numerous health problems! Thanks! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Kelly Reply:

    Are Tanning Beds Really Bad for You? However, tanning bed use is associated with serious health risks, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Source:

  2. Julissa Reply:

    The Benefits of Using Tanning Beds. Since all it really takes is a little time in the sun to provide you with a golden tan, why bother with tanning beds at all. Well

  3. Stephania Reply:

    You can use Windex glass cleaner to clean your tanning bed. If you share it with others, you will need to use a cleaner with a disinfectant in it such as 409 for kitchens. Read the labels to be sure. Source:

  4. Gregoria Reply:

    I thnk alot of people do. I was told by the dermatologist that its better to be in a tanning bed, say for 10 minutes to get a slight tan, then to burn in the sun. Source:

  5. Ayana Reply:

    To use a tanning bed get into your swimsuit or nude and apply the tanning lotion of your choice all over your body. Get into the the bed, turn it on and get out when ready. Source:

  6. Machelle Reply:

    If i’m tanning currently in a tanning brother’s wedding. I really want a facial bed is it bad to but I got a month get a facial? I know tanning is bad to prepare myself for my

  7. Delcie Reply:

    Tanning anywhere is stupid, and dangerous! Youre basically asking whether throwing a toaster or a radio in the tub with you is safer!

  8. Jenette Reply:

    Is it bad to tan outside then use a tanning bed? to develop once you leave the tanning bed, so really it wouldn't be good for your skin to tan indoors then go tan

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