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Side affects of sun burn

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  1. Maragret Reply:

    After you get sunburn, your skin may begin to peel. The peeling is caused by dead skin being rejected from your body. Dry skin is another side-effect of sunburn. Source:

  2. Maple Reply:

    What are the symptoms of severe sunburn (sun poisoning)? have not proven to be beneficial and have been associated with some significant side effects.

  3. Nilda Reply:

    If one inhales a lot of burning coal, it can seriously damage one’s lungs. This is often called Coal Miner’s Disease. Source:

  4. Sasha Reply:

    Sun poisoning can lead to fever, nausea, chills, dizziness, rapid pulse, rapid breathing, dehydration, and shock! Source:

  5. Masako Reply:

    Sunburn early in life increases the risk of developing skin cancer later on. Repeated overexposure to ultraviolet rays can MORE? Source:

  6. Verda Reply:

    Severe obesity Side Affects And Bulimia that go along with being lists the side affects of Severely Obese Could Somone also Side Affects? Could Somone list the problems Bulem

  7. Aron Reply:

    yes those r side effects of sunburn! :(

  8. Isaura Reply:

    It is a side effect over exposure to the sun. You may not even have to get burned to have nausea as a symptom. If a person is getting nauseous from the sun,

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