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What color are cancerous moles?

Moles can be linked to skin cancer! If one notice a change where the mole now has different colors or it has shades of tan, brown, black, blue, white, or red, this could indicate a sign of skin cancer or melanoma! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Sherlyn Reply:

    This infotmarion is off the hizool!

  2. barb Reply:

    my brother was just diagnosed with bascal cell carsanoma. Is this serious?

  3. Cira Reply:

    Moles naturally have a wide variation in terms of colors and shapes, but there are certain features that should serve as a red flag for being potentially cancerous. Source:

  4. Williemae Reply:

    May 21, 2007 Step by step pictures of normal moles and melanoma.

  5. Marget Reply:

    To find out if a mole in cancerous, go to a doctor. They can check the mole and either remove it or remove it and the skin around it. Good luck! Source:

  6. Jolanda Reply:

    Normal moles are symmetrical, whereas cancerous moles are not. They have irregular edges with twists and turns in the boarders. Cancerous moles have irregular colors and can sometimes bleed. Source:

  7. Leah Reply:

    A cancerous mole can look like a regular mole. If any mole starts to darken, change shape, or develop a crust like top, you should have a doctor check it. Source:

  8. Armida Reply:

    Can moles look cancerous or grow in size but not actually five years more or less be cancerous? ? I’ve had a mole for like, i’m not really sure, and recently I heard a lot abo

  9. Valrie Reply:

    Rule of thumb is that if the mole is symmetrically round and has obvious boundaries (it doesnt seem to spread out unevenly), plus is pretty evenly colored, it is okay! If you have any doubts, go see a dermatologist! And are you sure the pinkish one isnt just a bruise or something??

  10. Nydia Reply:

    I think that you can't have cancer that was made from a mole it disn't make sence that you can have cancer from a mole. No. Many people have numerous moles

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