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What does a cancerous mole look like?

Melanoma typically is not one solid color; rather it contains mixed shades of tan, brown, and black! It can also show traces!!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Theodora Reply:

    What Does Skin Cancer Look Like on Your Leg? mole or growth while checking your legs, or if a mole that used to look normal changes shape, size or color, Source:

  2. Elizabet Reply:

    Moles with the skin cancer melanoma are generally dark in color, almost black and are not round, they have an irregular border and no hair growing from them. There are other types of skin cancer like basal cell skin cancer but it looks more

  3. Zula Reply:

    Most normal moles are smaller that six millimeters. They are symmetrical and have smooth, even boarders. Moles can be black, brown, flesh toned, red, blue, or even translucent, but they are uniform in color. They can be slightly raised or f… Source:

  4. Wendie Reply:

    To find out if a mole in cancerous, go to a doctor. They can check the mole and either remove it or remove it and the skin around it. Good luck! Source:

  5. Elvera Reply:

    Normal moles are symmetrical, whereas cancerous moles are not. They have irregular edges with twists and turns in the boarders. Cancerous moles have irregular colors and can sometimes bleed. Source:

  6. Josephine Reply:

    My brother won’t go to the doc. He has a penny sized on the side of his there but it has i bald head.He told me he’s always had a small mole red circular blister looking thing

  7. Tiera Reply:

    Any mole that displays one or all of the following:a) Changes colour,b) has an irregular shape and is bigger than the top of a pencil, c) is raised,d) itchese) bleeds, or changes in any way! The rule is, if in doubt, check it out! If you have any moles that you think look suspicious, then see your doc!

  8. Sandra Reply:

    What does cancerous tissue look like? like this effects.htm. What does a mole cricket look like? its large and has forelimbs that

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