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What does it mean when a mole hurts?

Pain is listed as one of the danger signs of malignant melanoma, on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Amy Reply:

    If a mole hurts what does that mean?

  2. Kaitlyn Reply:

    I have a mole that is on the left said of my face that showed up this year and is getting darker and panful. Should I see a docter about it? What could it be from?

  3. marybeth Reply:

    I have a mole at my left rib and it hurts what should I do

  4. Alison Reply:

    If a mole becomes discolored, it is darker in some areas, but not evenly distributed. This does not mean it is cancer. Atypical moles appear in this manner . Source:

  5. Violette Reply:

    If a mole changes in any way, esp. size or pigmentation or if it bleeds, or there is pain, it should definitely be seen by a dr.

  6. Jenice Reply:

    Moles are usually benign growths on the skin that are brown or black. No, they deaden the area and it doesn’t hurt to have moles removed. Source:

  7. Shanelle Reply:

    Abnormal looking moles need to be checked out by a doctor. If the mole is severely painful, go in soon. Source:

  8. Fallon Reply:

    get it checked out by a doctor ,especially if you have been sunbathing Source:

  9. Yolande Reply:

    A mole on my arm hurts and i recently scratched it off and what do you! ? I noticed lately that there arm and it crusted up was a mole on my like it was a cut know; its just a

  10. Tran Reply:

    It shouldnt hurt! See a doc! Get it removed!

  11. Cruz Reply:

    When a mole hurts when you itch it does that mean you have cancer? There are many types of skin cancer – some itch, some don't. If you have a mole which

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