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What does melanoma look like?

One half of the mole is different from the other half, the spot has borders which are not smooth and regular but uneven or!!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. chris severance Reply:

    I have moles that are falling off my neck. Should I be concerned.Its happed a couple times now.

  2. Marine Reply:

    What Does Skin Cancer Look Like on Your Leg?. Malignant melanoma, a serious form of skin cancer, can sometimes be hard to detect on the legs, especially Source:

  3. Eilene Reply:

    Melanoma has an asymmetrical shape. Asymmetrical means that it doesn’t look the same on both sides.

  4. Adah Reply:

    If it strikes once, then you’re at an increased risk of it striking again. The recurrence of malignant melanoma can be found near the initial diagnosis site, or anywhere else on the body without discrimination, says the Melanoma Center, in … Source:

  5. Miki Reply:

    Melanoma can occur anywhere on the skin and usually starts as a freckle like spot which then to be black or brown and can have a mixture of red, blue and white in it. They grow and change shapes and color. Source:

  6. Marlys Reply:

    Melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer that can appear anywhere on your body. This is the one that often develops from a pre-existing mole. For pictures, please view the website below. To find more information click here: http://w… Source:

  7. Adella Reply:

    My husband has an itchy mole and turns out to be of this melanoma? How fast this type of Melanoma. Does anybody know what kind skin cancer grow? It start to itch around 1week

  8. Dia Reply:

    Here are some pictures to go along with the ABCDE checks! If you have a questionable mole then show it to your doctor or Dermatologist!

  9. Caryl Reply:

    Through evolution, the brain that folds in and around itself has more surface area and the fluids that bathe it in nutrients can sustain itself better, and expand

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