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What happens if a mole falls off?

Moles can fall off, and if they do, you should check with a dermatologist–ideally, bring it with you if you find where it went! It’s always possible that it was a melanoma that was killed off by your immune system! Any Suggestions here?


  1. ty Reply:

    My mole is falling off, on my back. It bleeds a lot and i tried to cut it off, which just caused more bleeding. If i lived alone and not at home i’d fucking burn it off. I want that piece of shit off me, it hurts when i turn fuck this, everything goes good in life and then a stupid health problem fucks up mobility, now i have half a fucking mole which is bloody as hell deteriorating on my body, my moms like it’s going to scab, and it hasn’t now i have to wait longer and not be able to move normally because it’s on. Fuck this shit. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. spam.

  2. Moon Reply:

    One method is by burning the mole off using common household objects. If you When the scab falls off, the mole should have disappeared or lightened in color considerably. 5. Rub some Vitamin E What Happens If You Remove a Mole? Source:

  3. Bryanna Reply:

    Dec 22, 2007 I’ve always had a skin tag on my armpit. Recently it became irritated, changed shape and dried out and fell off. I may have hit it with a shaver,

  4. Jetta Reply:

    It should just simply grow back as before- though maybe slightly bigger. It is not advisable to pick off moles as it creates a point of entry for bacteria, and can result in an infection. Keep an eye on the mole as it heals- if you notice a… Source:

  5. Cheryl Reply:

    If it’s got roots, as some moles do, it will grow back, and likely bigger (and uglier) than it was originally. Source:

  6. Clara Reply:

    you’ll bleed Source:

  7. Angeles Reply:

    how long does wart mole vanish you put the application on take from the start of mole falls off? when i say start to the process to when the end, i mean from the day, then whe

  8. Irmgard Reply:

    I had some removed, they gave me a local anesthetic and cut them off! Didnt feel a thing! Had gauze over them for a week and some had stitching which was taken out about 2 weeks later!

  9. Kelly Reply:

    What could happen if you rip off a mole? To be honest, if you are to rip of a mole you will end up with your genitals falling off and you will generate aids in your

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