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What is the easiest cancer to cure?

Melanoma or Prostate cancer some say! Depends on the stage it’s in, really! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Brigida Reply:

    The Best Natural Cures for Bone Cancer. Bone cancer can begin in any bone in the body, but it most commonly affects the long bones in the arms and legs. Source:

  2. Abigail Reply:

    Cancer is a uniquely western problem. One out of three Americans die of cancer, it used to be one out of four. People in China, Japan and Southeast Asia

  3. Jasmine Reply:

    Doctors often use radiation treatments for skin cancer occurring in areas that are difficult to treat with surgery . Source:

  4. Carla Reply:

    While there are no absolute cures to cancer yet, there are many ways to treat it. These include medication, chemotherapy, and radiation. Source:

  5. Katherine Reply:

    Gosh, it would be wonderful, and save so many lives, if there was a cure for cancer. At the present time, there are only treatments for cancer but not a cure. Scientists are working very hard for a cure and hopefully one day there will be o… Source:

  6. Elicia Reply:

    lung cancer,heart cancer,brain cancer….does anybody know?

  7. Zona Reply:

    No question: non-melanoma skin cancer when caught early! Usually simple surgeryBlessings

  8. Camilla Reply:

    The aim of cancer treatment is to remove or destroy all or as much of the . The natural history of a cancer is highly dependent on the organ and cell type from

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