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What is the survival rate for stage 4 cancer?

Statistically, fewer than 14 percent of people with stage 4 melanoma are still alive five years after their diagnosis! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Leonarda Reply:

    Stage 4 of Lung Cancer Survival Time. Staging is an important part of diagnosing and treating lung cancer. The stages range from I (localized cancer confined to Source:

  2. Cathey Reply:

    Primary treatment will last a number of weeks, around 2 months or so. He may be given more chemo later. How much he will be in hospital depends on his condition which can not be predicted. No one survives a stage 4 cancer in the long run, b

  3. Takisha Reply:

    Cancer is usually staged depending on severity. Stage 4 of most cancers is when the cancer has spread or is at a point when it cannot be successfully treated or cured in most people. But sometimes a successful treatment can be found, so a p… Source:

  4. Pennie Reply:

    Stage 4 is the final phase of lung cancer, and results when the disease has metastasized, meaning it has spread to other organs in the body. Normally, surgery is not performed at this stage because it will not result in curing the disease, … Source:

  5. Caryl Reply:

    There are many factors that determine whether someone will survive stage 4 colon cancer. Tumor size, depth, thickness and stage at the time of diagnosis all play a role. Unfortunately, the survival rates are not good. Most people live less … Source:

  6. Piedad Reply:

    Why is the survival rate of a colon cancer stage IV only 8% but a stage III is 68%?

  7. Florrie Reply:

    There is no cure for a stage IV cancer! There are some variables that contribute to determining life-expectancy, but this information isnt available to us!My guess is that if this gentlemans oncologist said 3 months, thats probably a pretty good estimate! It may be less!!! it may be a little more!

  8. Sidney Reply:

    The 5 year survival rates for stage 1 gallbladder cancer are better in Japan. most people diagnosed have stage 4 gallbladder cancer, so their cancer has

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