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What is the treatment for melanoma?

It depends on the staging of it, but it can include surgery, chemotherapy or radiation! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Latoyia Reply:

    How to Treat Melanoma. Finding out that you have cancer of any kind is bad news. However, if your doctor diagnoses you with melanoma, there are many Source:

  2. Simone Reply:

    The treatment depends on the stage. Generally, if the melanoma is thin then a small operation to cut out the tumour (the biopsy or wide local excision described above) is usually all the treatment that is needed. This is likely to clear all

  3. Bridgett Reply:

    The key to successful treatment is early diagnosis. Patients identified with localized, thin, small lesions (typified by superficial spreading subtype) nearly always survive. For those with advanced lesions, the outcome is poor in spite of … Source:

  4. Shirlee Reply:

    Melanoma is a cancer of pigment-producing cells in the skin. It’s the most dangerous form of skin cancer. If caught early, the survival rate is high. If the disease has progressed further or spread to other organs by the time it’s diagnosed… Source:

  5. Elinore Reply:

    The illness of a pet can be a hard and trying time, especially when it is a potentially fatal condition, such as melanoma. Canine melanoma is a skin cancer that is often found on older dogs, and can be treated easily if detected early. Whil… Source:

  6. Trista Reply:

    Do you know anyone who has taken the treatment Interferon for treatment of Melanoma and side effects of it?>

  7. Iris Reply:

    Interferon is a bio chem used to boost the immune system to prevent a recurrence! I did Interferon for 11 months and did not experience the systems you describe! Nor has any of the dozens of people I spoken with experienced those systems! The reason I didnt do the last month of treatment was due to a malignant tumor on my spit gland! Please have that checked! You can post this question on the http://www!melanoma!org/ board! Quite a few melanoma regulars patients and caregivers with plenty of information!Talk to the oncologist about stopping the treatment early! The main idea was to increase the immune system and not destroy it! Interferon is a harsh and taxing treatment!

  8. Lillian Reply:

    If left untreated, melanoma can be fatal. Luckily, there are a host of options that can prevent this.

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