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What percent of skin cancer patients die?

There are several types of skin cancer: The basal and squamos cell types are usually not serious! Then there’s melanoma, which is a very dangerous cancer! The survival rate depends mostly on what stage the cancer was at when it was diagnosed! But the statistics aren’t always right! I’m a survivor of stage II melanoma, myself! Let us know if you have any other ??s! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jennine Reply:

    Approximately 10 percent of all cancer-related deaths in men are caused by prostate cancer. Although it is entirely possible to die from prostate cancer, early Source:

  2. Lynsey Reply:

    Although melanoma accounts for only a small percentage of skin cancer, it is far Skin cancer can be found early, and both doctors and patients play important

  3. Herta Reply:

    Find Community Resources for Skin Cancer Patients Consult your oncologist or dermatologist about community resources available for skin cancer patients. Ask about other patients who have mentioned specific programs or resources that they ha… Source:

  4. Mindy Reply:

    Volunteer to spend time at a hospital ward or hospice which specializes in treating terminal cancer patients. Involve the American Cancer Society (see Resources below) as a sponsor to an existing fundraiser or charity event at your school o… Source:

  5. Giselle Reply:

    The American Cancer society estimates there will be about 11,590 deaths from skin cancer in 2009. The earlier skin cancer is detected the higher the survival rate. Source:

  6. Bridgette Reply:

    In what percent of patients who had prostate cancer treatment does the PSA keep falling?

  7. Marielle Reply:

    Yes thats Biology! You can use it!

  8. Dannielle Reply:

    Breast cancer showing an inverted nipple, lump and skin dimpling. . In the United States, 10 to 20 percent of patients with breast cancer and .. that all women live to at least age 95, except for those who die from breast cancer before age 95.

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