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Why is my urine brown?

Brown urine could be caused by liver disease, hepatitis, melanoma cancer, or copper poisoning! See a doctor as soon as possible! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Annamaria Reply:

    How to Fix Brown Spots in the Lawn From Dog Urine. House training your dog is not always an easy task. Unfortunately, once you have gotten your dog trained Source:

  2. Lakendra Reply:

    Sounds like you’re dehydrated, get some more water into you! I drink 2l of water a day and my urine is clear / slight tinge of yellow at the worst x

  3. Tammy Reply:

    Those nasty looking brown spots that form on your lawn are often referred to as urine burn. This term is not completely accurate, although those spots can be caused by your dog repeatedly urinating in the same spot. The term is inaccurate b… Source:

  4. Fallon Reply:

    no it not you are just scrwed up in the head and should be dead Source:

  5. Sindy Reply:

    If you’ve noticed a change in your urine color recently, you may be concerned, and for good reason. The color of your urine can often be the first sign of an undiagnosed medical problem. Normal ranges in color from a pale yellow shade to a … Source:

  6. Hannelore Reply:

    80 year old man,brown urine and dribbling urine.what could cause this.(hes seeing doc next week)?

  7. Dani Reply:

    this happens when you dont have enough water, you are dehydrating!answer my questionhttp://answers!yahoo!com/question/index;_ylt=AkPOj4a0n!9SPQai23mH8jsazKIX;_ylv=3??qid=20080823161238AATeqWX

  8. Belkis Reply:

    lots of things: – possibly kidney stones. – dehydration. – metabolic abnormalities. – sometimes things you eat. you can do a home urine test if worried to see if

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