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Why is my urine gray?

Black-gray urine may result from melanin (melanoma) or homogentisic acid (alkaptonuria, a result of a metabolic disorder)! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. smart gi Reply:

    depends were you drinking or recently had an orgasm? These both can cause this.

  2. Lilliana Reply:

    Gray squirrels also chew and gnaw on your home and leave behind urine and droppings. Get rid of gray squirrels in your attic using a few different techniques. Source:

  3. Aurore Reply:

    Dec 1, 2011 One morning, your urine looks as cloudy as a British beach, another, as yellow as lemonade. By Dorothy Foltz-Gray, Special to Lifescript

  4. Georgiann Reply:

    Not Medical Advice: Yes, but there are some other causes of cloudy urine such as certain foods and drinks, Cystitis, UTI, Prostatitis, & Gonorrhea. Source:

  5. Corrie Reply:

    Urine discoloration is the most common of problems that people of all ages suffer from. CYSTITIS OR CHRONIC LIVER DISEASE And for that very reason, most of us tend to overlook the issue without gauging the severity involved in it. But in it… Source:

  6. Caroll Reply:

    melanin Source:

  7. Thomasine Reply:

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  8. Lina Reply:

    That doesnt sound good! Is he drinking enough?? Does it hurt when he pees?? Probably should go see a doctor

  9. Penni Reply:

    Unfollow. follow. [report abuse]. Can you answer this question? When your 4 weeks pregnant and my pee had clumpy white and gray material is that normal?

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