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Can men go through menopause?

Since men do not go through a well-defined period referred to as menopause, some physicians refer to this problem as ( etc Any Suggestions here?


  1. Angila Reply:

    Do Men Go Through Menopause?. Men don't go through menopause in the way that women do, where their hormones rapidly decrease within the span of a few Source:

  2. Carmina Reply:

    Considering menopause is when you stop producing eggs, no longer get your periods which makes you incapable of having children, then no. But yes men go through a time when their sperm count decreases and they have a hard time "Getting it up

  3. Ena Reply:

    –> –> –> –> –> Plot In this program, the male viewpoint regarding menopause is examined with a light touch, as several men share their thoughts with radio personality Mal Sharpe. While the general tone of the program is entertaining, t… Source:

  4. Tai Reply:

    Menopause occurs when women permanently stop having menstrual periods and cease to be fertile. This is sometimes referred to as "the change of life." The staff at the Mayo Clinic states that the average age for a woman to reach menopause in… Source:

  5. Grisel Reply:

    Women are different and not all women will go through menopause at the same age. Most women however will go start menopause at about age 51, but again women are different so you may start menopause sooner than 51 or later than 51. For more … Source:

  6. Tierra Reply:

    feedback please.!!!!

  7. Son Reply:

    Sure they do! Its called the Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS)!is caused by a decline in hormones! For men those hormones are testosterone, thyroid, human growth hormone (HGH) and DHEA! Male hormones start to decline in the mid-twenties and effects can usually be felt by age 35! Every man will become menopausal! Symptoms can be easily corrected by replacing lost hormones! Doctor in consuotation with you will determine if and the extent of need for hormone treatment! Replacing hormones for men is safe!has never been in the public spotlight because men who experience the characteristic decline in virility during middle age are reluctant or even unwilling to acknowledge the condition! It is all to often seen as inevitable! In fact, in most instances, this condition goes untreated! Improvements in endocrinology and reproductive medicine now offers a comprehensive treatment program for andropause, a condition that previously received almost no attention from the medical establishment, the media or from the men it affected! An Endocrinologist that treats andropause, using blood tests, can determine if your Testosterone level is in the below normal or low normal range! Some researchers has been studying this subject for decades, along with the effects of aging on reduced levels of male hormones! Symptoms: By comparison the symptoms of andropause are not as overwhelming as the changes women experience, and andropause does not affect all men! Only 40% of men in their 40s, 50s and 60s experience some degree of lethargy, depression, increased irritability, mood swings, and difficulty in attaining and sustaining erections that characterize andropause! These unanticipated physical and psychological changes can be cause for significant concern or even crisis! If the spouse is not understanding, these problems may result in a powerful combination of anxieties and doubts, which can lead to total impotence and sexual frustration! Ever saw a man picking up quarrels in offices and writing numerous complaints to authorities?? That is an example! Take him to the doctor and be supportive!

  8. Louisa Reply:

    Does men go through menopause? no. Is it possible no to go through menopause? short answer is no.. Can you have a hysterectomy after you go through

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